how to increase the amount of sperm?
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Larry - July 11

i noticed that there has been some changes in the amount of my sperm. will this cause infertility?what should i do to increase the amount of it?


desiree - September 9

take folic acid and zinc supplements.these 2 supplements has believed to increase the amount of sperm in no time.


eirich - September 10

this may sound funny but studies shows that if you have small amount of sperm, you have to have sex more often. the more you have sex, the more you produce sperm.


wellspringivf - April 9

If you have low sperm count it is a sign of infertility. But this can be cured if you adopt healthy lifestyle like take regular exercise, intake ashwagandha, take enough of zinc, vitamin D, Vitamin C and live stress free life. These are the natural tips to increase sperms and if it doesn't work consult fertility specialist.



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