srtech marks
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bonnie - July 11

how do I get rid of strech marks will they be gone for good?


karla - July 26

there's no way you can get rid of it for good.but there are over the counter lotions and creams that you can use to minimize it's appearance.


leonora - July 28

stretch marks are battle scars.why would you want to get rid of it if it's the

only thing that reminds you that you have fought a good fight, survived and gave

birth to a lovely child?


aimee - August 24

take collagen and vitamin e.this 2 supplements are responsible for the reconstruction of tissue and skin.also, apply thick lotion or takes time to removed those stretchmarks completely so be patient.


phine - August 26

once it's there, it's there and there's no way you are able to removed it completely. although supplements and creams will help but still it depends on how bad it looks like.


Beatrice - September 8

regular exercise, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and moisturizers can help improve the appearance of stretchmarks.try it, it does make difference!


kyllie - September 10

-if it's not deep scars, it will disappear overtime. try bio-oil, it does help.



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