IVF treatment
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EvaB - August 9

I have been declared as infertile? Infertility sucks. After 5 years of marriage i could not conceive. Hence visited a specialist. He conducted several tests and declared that i am infertile. Pushed back to the edge of life i am. Not understanding what to do. Can anyone here help me?
I want to know a clinic where i can safely take up IVF. I need a baby very badly. What would be the total cost for the treatment? How many treatments would i have to take for success? Is the treatment painful? Please, i need advice urgently.
Thank you in advance.


Arose - September 16

Hi EvaB.
I have read your story, and I would like to say that it is painful. For starters, it is difficult for a woman who is considered infertile to be accepted in some societies. So when a specialist adjudges you infertile, it becomes painful and could even become suicidal. However, I want to encourage you to remain strong and continue praying. Evolution in science and technology has brought us benefits that were never available to our forefathers. It is now possible for an egg to be fertilized in the lab and implanted into a woman’s womb. As I write this, there are over five millions of children who have been born courtesy of IVF and IUI. I believe that you will get assisted if you get to the right facility. There are many facilities in Europe and United States from which you can benefit. If you had indicated your country of origin, it would have been easier for me to pinpoint a clinic near you which offer the services. About the cost, IVF is slightly expensive, and the cost could be anywhere between $100,000 -$150,000.


Anjlina - September 21

Hey EvaB I feel very sorry for you! I completely understand your feeling as it’s the worst thing in the world for any lady. Well dear I don't know any clinic but I recommend you to check internet webinars that are going to take place in couple of days. where you can take an advice from the experts. One of my friend told me about this webinar, which she is going to attend on 21st of this month. You can also take part in this. Here I am going to share a link. Register yourself and take a consultation from the experts...


priyaangel2587 - September 21

Hello my dear, I can understand your situation and I know that you are going through very hard and set time of your life. It is a dream of every lady to become a mother and I know that you also want to face this beautiful and amazing time in your life. It is a good thing that you are sharing your problem with us and I hope you will find a good solution for it. Infertility is a very common problem these days and many couples are facing this issue. There can be many reasons for infertility and it is always one of the hard moments in your life. First of all, I will recommend you not to lose hope and happiness because of this problem. It is always important to stay hopeful and positive towards life and you can also get good treatment solution for infertility. You just need to find any good infertility clinic where you can get IVF treatment solution. IVF is very helpful and effective treatment solution that can help the ladies who are facing infertility issue. If you also want to get help with this treatment solution come I will recommend you to visit Ukraine. You will find many certified and trusted clinics in Ukraine and many couples got good results for infertility treatment in these clinics. If you want to find a good treatment solution, I will suggest you make some research over the Internet and you will be able to get good help to find any good clinic for it. It is very important to get rid of stress and anxiety problem and you can also get help with healthy routine and lifestyle to increase chances of pregnancy.



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