where do I start? low fat milk and other frustrations
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useramm - April 22

I'm 37, been trying for a second for about 1.5 years, no official diagnosis, tried Clomid 3 cycles.

I'm in the process of changing doctors and am sick of not having answers. I had a blood test that showed hormones to be relatively normal and am interested in knowing where we go from here. My DS is 2 and I'm not ready to give up on him having a brother or sister.

I just don't know what is next and maybe I just need to vent a little. My periods are woefully irregular. The last time was 48 days and I'm finding the up and downs emotionally draining. I'm not sure we want to spend too much money on tests and procedures but what is too much? How much can you do (and what is it) to at least get an answer about what the problem is?

Because on my blood test I had a false reading of high estrogen then did an ultrasound for PCOS but I don't have it. That is about the total of what we've done.

Anyone try Fertility Blend with sucess? With failure??

I'm sick of people just telling me to relax. I think I just want to hear from another person who has secondary infertility, very irregular periods, not unlimited money, and some clue about where to start. I try to look at the message boards but people are either way past me and I don't understand much or the situation just doesn't fit.

I will be trying a new og/gyn this week and will hopefully get some direction. My last one was cold and hard to understand.

On a side note - heard about lowfat milk products? Of course that's all I've been using!:


Now one less thing I can have!

Please help if you can. I'm feeling pretty down...



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