My body is going out of whack!!
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Florida73 - May 8

I am 34 years old and I have one son who is 15, I have never became pregnent there after.
I do have a cycts on my left ovarie that came back 5 years later agin after being removed once.

My question is this:

My period came early and I go about 28 days every month, My last period was of April 24th.

Today I started my period early( May 6th), I am about 14 days early.

My breast have STAYED sore from my period in April had has not stoped feeling sore, I also was having MAJOR hot flashes for like 3 weeks( drove me crazy).

Could the cyct becausing this?
Could I be pregenet?
OR could this be my body is changing into pre-menapause?

Any advice would be very helpful,

Thank you!


jerah - July 26

i don't think you are pregnant. it could be a change of menstrual cycle or a pre-menopause. my mom was 35 years old when she experienced pre-menopause. anyway, if you wanted to make things clear, visit your gyne for a check up.


she/smith - July 28

-wow seriously, pre-menopause at 35 years old? i didn't know that. i think i
need to worry now cause i'm turning 35 next month. oh well...


natasha cole - January 24

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natalika2017 - November 21

Hello! This may be the beginning of menopause. It starts with a slight delay in menstruation. Then the delays become more and more prolonged. Then they go to long periods of menstruation. Often women do not suspect that a cycle violation is associated with an early menopause. When after a long absence of monthly doctors put the final diagnosis - a syndrome of ovarian malnutrition, then there is practically no chance of restoring the reproductive function.
Factors affecting early menopause:

heredity. A similar pathology was observed in the mother or grandmother;

bad ecology. In the risk group, women who live in adverse environmental areas for a long time.
pathology of the thyroid gland;

serious stresses change the normal hormonal background and contribute to the depletion of the ovarian reserve.

While there are only regular delays in menstruation, you need to turn to a gynecologist to find out the cause and correct your condition. The doctor will do the necessary examinations.
While there are only regular delays in menstruation, you need to turn to a gynecologist to find out the cause and correct your condition. The doctor will do the necessary examinations.

When conducting a study, it is important to first exclude other causes that may also lead to the absence of menstruation. This can be a pathology of the pituitary gland, in which an excessive amount of the prolactin hormone that affects the menstrual cycle is synthesized. To this can lead the pathology of the thyroid gland. Only after the exclusion of these diagnoses, the doctor diagnoses ovarian depletion syndrome.
In the treatment is also very important psychological rehabilitation of the patient. Often a woman sees her life as hopeless. If it is sterile, then it can no longer be a woman. However, this is not the problem on which life must end. Moreover, medicine has reached such a level that in many cases a woman can be helped. If not in a gynecological clinic, then in an institution that is engaged in the restoration of reproductive function. And yet women sometimes need the help of a psychologist, a psychotherapist and even a psychiatrist.

If the tendency to premature amenorrhea is diagnosed in time, then there is a chance for a competent correction even to give birth to another child.
Be healthy and happy.
Everything will be fine. The main thing you need to do yourself and your health.



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