worried wife
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feliza - June 17

my husband was scheduled for vasectomy procedure last week but i decided to reschedule it for the next 2 weeks from now because i have read in some articles that vasectomy increases the chance of having testicular cancer. i wanted to know if this is true. i hope for an answer before the schedule so please give me some advice. thank you in advance.


leonora - July 5

recent studies show that vasectomy has no effect on the risk of testicular cancer. that i am not sure of but it has to be true or else i'm gonna be very sad because my husband had vasectomy procedure a year ago.


she/smith - July 28

it's not true! my brother had this procedure for like 10 years now and had no problem at all. he's also having regular check-up's and going through test once in a while.


feliza - July 31

thanks for all who replied to this post. eventually i cancelled the schedule as i am still afraid of what might happen in the near future. i'm open for any option you can share, so ladies this post is open for suggestions now. your replies will be much appreciated.


kyllie - August 24

my dad had vasectomy so with my brother, my uncle and now my husband. i don't think vasectomy can cause testicular cancer, it's more of genetics or if it runs in the family then there is a possibility to have one even if he won't get that vasectomy procedure.



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