What can I expect??
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Joanne - March 4

I've been trying for two years and know I have to go to a specialist. I am pretty scared. Can anyone tell me what to expect when I go?


Jen - March 4

Don't be scared. It is not that awful. The testing and treatments are somewhat uncomfortable, but not really painful. First they will probably start out with a bunch of blood tests, pap smear, and gathering historical data. From there they will determine if further testing is needed. If it is, they will probably do a hysteropingogram (sp?) which is also known as a tubal dye study, internal ultrasounds, and periodic internal exams. These are not fun, but that bad. The hysteropingogram is probably the most painful, they inject a dye through a catheter into your uterus and watch it flow through your fallopian tubes. It was just like menstrual cramps for a couple of minutes, so really not awful. I wish you the best of luck.


michelle - March 7

this is all true, this is how it starts off, blood tests and testing your blokes sperm are the first steps, you've got nothing to be scared about.


cha-cha - July 26

basically the doctor would just run a test to check your fertility levels. that's all it takes so there's nothing to be scared off.



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