Undeveloped Lungs in Unborn Baby
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Hala - September 5

my friend is 7 months pregnant and since few weeks they informed here that her baby girl has a problem with the lungs , one of the lungs is not developping well, they told her that the lung has a SISS or SIS (actually i dont know what is this SIS) which preventing the blood to reach the lung. I am trying since yesterday to read about this problem but i am not able to find this SIS maybe i am writing it wrong, I am so worried about my friend and i did not want to ask her too many question because she was depressed and in a very bad mood, she was not able to explain much, if somebody knows what is this desease and whether it is curable, or how to find more information about the undeveloped lung, I read yesterday that it might be a heart problem and I am really worried to death. Please help.


Mega - October 6

I'm guessing the doctors told your friend her baby has a cyst on one of the lungs that's causing it not to develop. A cyst is basically a tumor, though cysts tend to be benign. Your friend is lucky to have you as a support system! She'll need you, I'm sure. Anyway, I hope this helps you with your research. I'm so sorry about your friend's baby, I hope the drs are able to treat the little girl--medical advancements these days are incredible! She'll be in my thoughts.



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