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IVFermommy2be - April 20


I was "labelled" infertile then we went the IVF route, created embryos, invested in PGD to improve chances but I got pregnant naturally before the procedure-it was very strange indeed. So we froze our embryos-6 total in 3 straws and by vitrification three years ago. We went to CFP and they have a different grading system. Long story short we are now scheduled for transfer with Surgical and Fertility Associates in SoCal (two offices--Dr. Kumar is our doc and we are at the THOUSAND OAKS clinic). OK so my question is grading and hatching and survival of frozen embryos. I was doing ok and am doing my injections etc but I just got a wave of panic--WHAT IF IT DOES NOT TAKE? They are both, the ones we chose, good embryos, one is hatching 5 day blast the other is not yet hatching but I was told it was due to PGD even if it does not say this and that grade means nothing. I am a bit worried about number two more than number one but you never know. CFP grades 1-4 or 1-5 (to be honest I never got a straight answer I was just told they use their own system and 4 hatching was excellent and 3 is very good). Does anyone have any experience with any of the aforementioned. I have been trying on babycenter to get some advice but they are horrible in terms of IVF support. I was on there through my last pregnancy and found some groups better than others but this IVF support is awful there and someone told me about you all so here I am hoping for reassurance, answers and to contribute anything I can.



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