please help me!
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liza - August 20

hi! i have some questions that needs answer like ASAP! as i am typing this post, i am in deep pain.. heavy bleeding, lower abdominal and pelvic pain, muscle cramps and fever.. the pain is killing me right now and i don't know why.. it all started when i lose my virginity but it's been a week now and it was just one time.. am i in trouble? please help!


thea - August 24

we had pretty much same symptoms but mine lasted for just 3 days. i guess it's normal but to suffer from the pain is just isn't right. have yourself checked out.


cristy - August 26

symptoms are normal for 1st timers..i don't know how intense the pain is for you, but of course if you cannot handle the pain, it's best to see a doctor sooner rather than later.


aimee - September 10

i remember my first time, i had fever for a week followed by body aches, muscle cramps, chills and abdominal pain. my mom brought me to the hospital and found out i had UTI infections. maybe you should really need to visit your doctor.


kyllie - September 11

every individual is different so it's really hard to tell whether what you're going through is normal or not. for me, your condition doesn't sound normal, please see a doctor before complications takes place.


Charlie123456 - July 16

Go see a doctor before the matters get worse! I have had the same anxieties before my egg donation!


Anjlina - September 17

dear symptoms are normal as I already suffer from the same situation and i had lots of pain in my lower abdominal i always felt that my uterus is not in its place it goes down . but as a time pass near about a week, everything goes ok
But I recommend you to take expert advice . she will guide you better



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