Metformin after 12 weeks PLEASE HELP!
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KHG1980 - May 11

I will be 12 weeks tomorrow. I have had some pretty nasty side effects from Metformin once I got pregnant. I was fine before I got pregnant, but soon after the Metformin made me VERY nauseous. Im almost certain in was the Met because if I missed a dose (500 mg once daily), the nausea went away. Anyway, my doctor said it was fine to come off the Met at 12 weeks, but Im worried. Has anyone else had the same experience or suffered from any problems post-Met with their pregnancy? Thank so much for your response. Also, I am not diabetic. I was put on met to help conceive.


Micha - May 11

KHG1980 are you on the Met because of PCOS though? I have pcos am on clomid but not met as my insulin was ok. I understand you are worried. From everything ive read ppl usually come off metformin after 1st trimester anyway so i think you would be ok to come off. Is your doctor good? Does he/she seem to know much about these things? If you are unsure maybe try see another doc for a 2nd opinion.
Congrats on your pregnancy. Is it your first & how long did it take & did you have to do anything other than met (and obviously BD haha!)?


wishingstar - July 31

maybe met messed with your blood sugar making it too low and causes you to get nausea. i think it's not the right treatment for you.


darla - August 2

if you're not diabetic, why take met for one reason?i think it doesn't suit as treatment for you.consider other option please.



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