Medications and pregnancy
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Chris - October 11

I have a family member who is taking several prescription drugs while she is pregnant. I am worried that they will cause harm to the baby. She is taking Tylenol Codeine and Demorol(sp?) for kidney stones.Does anyone know if these medications will cause harm to the baby?


April - November 11

Well, that all depends. I am sure the doctor would not have prescribed them and instructed her to take them if it wasn't safe. How far along is she? If she is past the first trimester she should be okay. As long as she takes them as directed and NOT more than she should.


my 2 cents - November 14

Is it possible that your family member is not telling her dr that she is pregnant, so she can keep taking the meds? Definitely find out. Call a pharmacist or dr and ask them as a general question. There are different classes of drugs that you CANNOT take with pregnancy. I had to stop a drug I was taking becuase it apparently interfered with the FSH, LH , etc... One dr may not know what the other dr is saying, so don't go by that. Be proactive and ask the right people. Sorry I didn't know the sepcific answer for you. good luck.



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