Hysteroscopy and Biopsy Bleeding
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Rainbow Kitten - September 12

Hi guys

My last period ended on the 28th of august. On the 7th of September I had a hysteroscopy for exploratory reasons and a biopsy was taken as part of normal procedure. I am taking 2mg of estrogen a day and my next period is due to start on the 21st of September with my cycles being controlled by meds.

For 2 days after the hysteroscopy I had very weak watery bleeding only a panty liner required. On the 11th of September in the evening (5 days after the procedure) I started to have dark brown spotting which I assumed was old blood until this morning as there is now dark brown spotting and some light red blood. Panty liners are still adequate but I am at a loss what is going on.

My doctor has gone on holidays (yeesh) so I was wondering if this is normal and how long it will last. I wouldn't have though that my period could come early considering that I am being controlled by meds.

Any advice would be welcome



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