First Time IUI
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massy08 - September 12

Its ok and yea its really stressful and I can only imagine how stressful its been for you and yea It really is not fair how easy some ppl have it But Ill pray for you that the third time is the charm for you :) And yea i was not taking anything aside from vitamins and a thyroid hormone which i stopped both because I was so depressed and well I really do not have a set cycle because I am irregular but I was thiking that if everything came back negative I should have started my period already its been a week now and I think Ill wait to test aagin I do not want to get my hopes up and get crushed again twice in one month Good luck for tuesday keep me posted :)


Maycee02 - September 12

sweetcali13 I will keep my fingers crossed for you!! 12dpiui may still be too early, my RE won't let me test till 15dpiui as they say anytime before that can be too early yet still.. I say "won't let me" but that's what they suggest.. The earliest I've tested was 13dpiui and it was a true neg that time but I held out a little hope as everything I saw online said many people don't get BFP until later.. so there's still some hope! Let us know how it goes!! It really is a miserable 3 weeks.. all the drugs and then the week of IUI you feel all bloated and crampy.. it's a really hard roller coaster. If this one doesn't work I'm giving up on it.. we'll just live child free I guess unless by some miracle we get pg on our own but it's not likely. I just can't take all the ups and downs of this entire process... it's soooo stressful and devastating when it doesn't work.

Thanks massy, I understand on the not testing, when we were trying naturally I refused to take tests because I was so tired of seeing negative so I'd just hold out even if my AF was late because I knew it wasn't going to be positive. Good luck to you going the natural way! This will be my last try.. guess I will just have to come to terms with not being a mother which is really hard to do, but nothing else I can do at this point. I'll let you know what happens next week. Prob be another BFN!!


massy08 - September 12

Yea it is really terrible emotionally and taking all these meds and waiting just make it worse and I think that just keeping faith it will happen and Maycee if it does not happen for you well they say that once you stop trying its when it happens so I think thats the route Im going to take is that I wont lose my faith but Im just going to stop trying if it happens it happens. I can not afford to go see a psychologist because I am at the point that I just cant take all these pressure any more. Think positive maycee hopefully this will be the bfp :)


Maycee02 - September 14

Well I'm not sure what to think right now... I'm lldpiui and I'm having brownish kind of spotting that is feeling like AF, but it's a whole week early! I'm hoping it's implantation bleeding but I'm cramping and it's feeling like AF is about to start.. so.. ugh.. stressing out!


sweetcali13 - September 15

I got BFN with my beta on Wednesday. I was bummed but prepared because I tested at home and because AF showed up 2 hours after my beta. My doc says if we are going to continue with iui even though DH has such a low count she wants to be aggressive and switch up the timing this cycle. I'm on double dose clomid and she wants to do 2 iui's back to back. I'm slightly worried because I ovulated fine on the smaller dose of clomid...I'm not excited about the possibility of 3 or more babies at once. I know the chances are slim because we are having a tough time anyways but still. I'm going ahead with it to see what happens. If this one doesnt work we are going to take a break from fertility treatment and have the holidays off and go on vacation. I dont think i could handle the stress, moodiness, and irritability during the holidays.
How is it going for you guys?


Maycee02 - September 17

Ahh I'm sorry about your BFN.. :( I've heard of people doing the back to back IUI, my dr hasn't ever said anything about that and I wonder why because my DH has low sperm count as well. I'm super confused about what is going on with me.. my spotting on Friday turned in to full blown bleeding at about 10:30 that night and continued all day on Saturday.. it pretty much stopped Sunday early afternoon... I tested but it was BFN... I've read though that if it was implantation it takes 23-48 hours to get a BFP so I don't know... I'm going to test again in the morning which is when I'm supposed to test.. my RE doesn't do beta unless you get a BFP... if this doesn't work we will not be trying any more.. at least not for awhile.. maybe not ever.. I'm not sure.. I'm 36 and he's almost 43 so we may just have to give up and realize we aren't going to have any children.. that's really hard for me to do.. I'm still hoping that maybe what I had was implantation as I've heard that some people get really heavy bleeding and still get BFP.. it's stopped now so if it was AF it was only for 1 day..??


sweetcali13 - September 17

Maycee, maybe you should try back to back iuis?! Don't give up! My fingers are doubly crossed for you.


Maycee02 - September 19

Well I tested yesterday at 15dpiui and it was BFN as well SO... guess I'm done too... I was hoping what I had was implantation over the weekend but I guess it was AF 1 week early and only lasted 1 day! BAH!! I'm giving it up for now.. too much stress and this was my 3rd try in a row.. my body needs a break!


sweetcali13 - September 21

So ladies, i need encouragement. If ya'll are still there. I did 100mg Clomid cd3-7 this month. I had my u/s cd9, yesterday, and it showed only 1 good 15mm follicle with 1 mediocre follicle 14mm, and about 6 that were too small. The plan as of yesterday was to trigger on Sunday night and do back to back iuis Monday and Tuesday. After my u/s I was just worried and anxious that 3 days was too long to wait. So I emailed my dr and explained my concerns. She told me to come in today to take a look and see how they had grown since yesterday. I cant even explain the shock and surprise on her face when it appeared to be 3 at 19mm and 1 at 20mm on my left and 3 at 19mm on my right. I know what we both saw yesterday and they definitely were not that big. I'm so glad I said something because Monday would have been too late. Now, however, we are stuck doing my iui at 20hrs post trigger with possibly 7 mature follies. They arent open on Sunday so 20 hours is my best shot. Its just a mess. Not to mention that hubby has first day of academy tomorrow so he will be super rushed to get there by 8am after he gives up his soldiers. Ugh. On top of this, Clomid left me with some really nasty migrains. I want to go to bed!!

Do you ladies think this could work? Maybe they matured too quickly last time and thats why I had bfn last month.


Maycee02 - September 24

Hi sweetcali! Yikes! It's def a good thing you had them recheck you! I always wonder about that because ALL of my IUI's have been I trigger on Sunday night and then have IUI Monday morning.. they just check me on Thurs or Fri and they don't check again on Monday morning before my IUI.. it's like they are just guessing at how much they will grow in the next few days.. frustrating!! I think they typically do IUI's 12-24 hours after trigger so I def think that will be OK! So did you have it done on Saturday? I'm guessing you didn't do back to back then? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!! :)


janiamd - December 26

well yes it needs rest plz.....i can understand its been 4 plus years now its terrible but dont lse hope plz plz .iam planning for iui as well....too system gives u no privacy......da


kittymom - January 9

Hi there, I just finished my first round of Clomid, but my doc doesn't want to see me for my first follicle u/s for another week, which would be CD16. Is that normal, or does it sound a little late? I'm no doctor and am sure she knows what she's doing, but I'm just worried about missing my window.

Maycee and sweetcali, do you have any updates? I hope you're both doing well!


Maycee02 - January 9

Hi Kittymom!
Good luck to you! Hope it goes well! I think that timeline sounds OK.. I was sometimes seen a little sooner but I was doing injectibles so I think it sped up my process... I usually had my IUI a little over a week after starting so should be OK.
I have no news.. we quit trying after the last BFN and have just seeing how things go. Thinking of going back in a few months to see, it was just too expensive and stressfull and not getting anywhere so had to take a break. Good luck to you though!!! :)


babyhope12 - January 14

Hi Ladies! I'm new here and just looking for support from others who are going through the same as myself.
I have been married for 11 years. I was diagnosed in our first year of marriage with PCOS. We did try a few rounds of Clomid at that time but then decided to wait a while until we really felt ready. Here we are 10 years later and really really ready for children.
We had an appointment with an RE and she suggested doing Clomid again along with IUI. We had our first IUI on 1/11/13 so I am 3dpiui and going crazy! I can't test until 1/25/13. I want to know so bad! I'm very hopeful for this to work but trying not to get too excited but it's so hard! Anyone have any wonderful baby stories or advice to share?
Sending everyone baby dust!!!


massy08 - January 14

Hey baby hope congrats on being married for so long :)I know its really hard to sit around and we wait while your really hoping that it will be positive when you test but the best you can do is relax. Do not stress over go crazy testing every day try not to over think it. I did clomid and IUI but it did not unfortunately work for me. I was really devastated and emotionally I was not ready for the pain I felt to find out it didnt work. So thats my first piece of advice to you hopefully you do get your BFP, but you should prepare yourself emotionally to receive a BFN. That is the hardest part out of the whole process hoping that its a BFP and then to get the call and find out it did not work. Good Luck and I hope you do get your BFP :)


Maycee02 - January 14

Hi Babyhope!! My cousin and his wife did clomid and IUI last month and it did not work for them, it as their first IUI as well. I'm not sure about your dr. but my dr.. and from all I've read they say it is VERY rare that an IUI will work on the first time.. BUT...I've read stories where it has happened so don't get too discouraged..but as Massy said.. just be prepared. We went through 3 months of oral AND injectible medication and none of them worked... we've stopped trying at this point as he's 43 and I'm almost 37.. we may try again soon but it was just too expensive for us to continue.. and REALLY hard emotionally to keep getting BFN's. But.. our best friends now have a beautiful little girl who is almost a year old after their 3rd IUI procedure, and my husband works with a couple that got pg with twins after their 3rd IUI attempt, so it definitely CAN work!! Just sometimes takes a few tries. Keep your head up and keep us updated!! Good luck to you!!!



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