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angela rock - June 9

I have had pcos for 10 years.im 35 now been ttc for 3 years nothing..i have 3 children..my first 2 i used nothing but i was young 18.my third i had pcos and i had to take metoformin 2000mg a day and i lost 60 pounds and i got pregnant but had a mc at 6 weeks.doctor put me on femara 2.5 twice a day and got pregnant first month..well i have since gained all the weight back periods have stoped etc..doctor has put me back on 2000mg of metoformin and i have to take a pill for 10 days to even have a period then im to take the femara 2.5 twice a day on day 3,4,5,6,and 7 then use opk about 6 days after i take last pill..all i need to know is...is there any women who are overweight that have taken the femara and it has worked..i asked him if my weigh was going to prevent me im about 25 pounds over weight..he said with the metoformin and femara i should get pregnant regardless.just wanna know if its possible with weight being a issue plz give me some hope anybody


Nilsbaby - June 12

Hi Angela I just did my first round of Femara cd10 today and on 5mg of Femara cd3-7, not feeling any discomfort or pains so not sure what's going on yet... I have cd12 scan Tuesday so we shall see what happens... I hope it works.. I don't think weight will prevent you from getting pregnant especially that it's only 25 lbs... I will be 39 next month and hoping this drug is the answer to my prayers!!! GL



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