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MissJ - November 22

Hi! I’ve decided to join this forum because I need your help… Two years ago, both of my ovaries were extracted because of large cysts on them. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to conceive a baby. Now I’m married to nice man whom I love very much. Both of us dream about conceiving and giving a birth to our mutual baby, but I can do this only with a donor egg. Though I’m a the USA resident, my hubby and I live in Germany at present. The procedure of egg donation is prohibited here, and we have to go somewhere abroad to get a donor egg. We decided to contact the Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom. This clinic is situated in Kiev and has loads of favorable feedbacks among its former clients. We’ve contacted one woman on the fertility forum who was a former Biotexclient, and she also highly recommended this clinic. However, when we came to Ukraine, we were a little bit puzzled by the things we saw there. Firstly, the clinic turned to be really a popular one. When we entered the clinic’s hall, we saw loads of people there. There wasn’t even a vacant room to stand. Some people had to sit on the stairs, and it looked really funny… A cold and unfriendly administrator told us that our manager in charge is busy, so we have to wait our turn. Overall, we waited nearly 2 hours before the manager came into the clinic hall and invited us to see a doctor. The atmosphere was noisy and unpleasant. The staff was constantly going forwards and backwards. It seemed that the telephone was ringing for ages and nobody wanted to answer to it… All in all, we spent loads of time waiting in the queue before we were able to meet the fertility specialist and talk about our problems. It was so unpleasant… My husband got really angry and was about to leave the clinic, when our clinic manager came to us and conducted us to the doctor’s office… Why didn’t they do this when we had just come to the clinic??? Overall, we liked the way the clinic’s doctor talked with us, but the organization of the clinic’s work is really awful. We decided not to sign up a contract yet… Now we have to decide whether to go to Ukraine for the next time and get our donation program in Biotexcom, or try somebody else. The clinic does have many patients, but they can’t treat them properly…
P.S. We visited another Ukrainian clinic during our visit to Kiev. It was Nadia. The things were different there. The clinic’s staff was very courteous, and the doctor was so soothing. However, I was a little bit by the empty clinic’s halls. It was soooo frightening… We decided not to sign up a contract with this clinic either… and now we don’t what to do further.


Ri80 - November 27

Hi, MissJ. Try to check their success ratings. It will help you to understand whether it’s worth to deal with them or not. You may also try to google some information about them. Or just visit various fertility forums to find some feedbacks about this clinic there. If you feel uncomfortable with them, you may also quit this clinic. I wish you good luck in your search, dear!


MissJ - December 2

Hi, Ri80. Thanks for your message. I really tried to search some information about this clinic on the net. I visited quite a lot of fertility forums to find some feedbacks about this clinic. I even found the fact that they’ve helped a 66-year-old woman to give birth to healthy twins. I also liked the fertility specialist we met in Kiev. However, we had to wait quite a lot of time in the queue. It was so tiresome. I still hesitate whether to deal with them or not.


Jenny_Jenny - December 6

Hi, everybody. It’s really difficult to choose a good fertility clinic. There are quite a lot fertility clinics but, unfortunately, not all of them are effective ones. If I were in your shoes, I would recommend you to check the way the clinic treats its egg donors. For me, it’s the main criteria in choosing the clinic. Egg donors do a great job. They really deserve the best from the best.


MissJ - December 21

Hi, Jenny_Jenny. I quite agree with you, and I won’t choose the clinic that treats its donors badly. I talked with the clinic’s representatives about it and they reassured me that they are really selective in choosing egg donors. It should be a young woman of at least 18-25 years old. She must be totally healthy: she mustn’t suffer from any physical or mental illnesses. Her closest relatives (parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts) should have a healthy heredity. If she matches all these requirements, she’s accepted as an egg donor.


Jenny_Jenny - December 26

I think it’s great the clinic is selective in choosing an egg donor. If they really use the eggs of young and healthy women, your chances to conceive are rather big. Nevertheless, how they are going to choose a donor for you? Will you meet this woman? Or, maybe, they’ll give you a short description of this woman? Is egg donation totally anonymous in Ukraine?
P.S. In some countries, the baby who was conceived with the help of a donor egg can get information about his biological mum when he gets 18.


MissJ - January 3

Egg donation is allowed in Ukraine and is conducted on totally anonymous basis. It means none will get information about the donor, the recipient and the baby who was conceived with the help of a donor egg. When you contact the clinic, you give them a short description of the woman who would suit you as an egg donor. The clinic has a large donors database. They use a special software to find an appropriate donor for their clients. If you sign up a contract with them, they’ll show you a donors’s 3D photo. What do you think about it?


Jenny_Jenny - January 8

Sounds nice, dear! It’s really handy that you’ll be able to see the donor’s photo. At least, you’ll know how your baby will look like. Hun, will they charge any additional fees from you for the opportunity to see a donor’s photo. I know that fertility clinics like to do this. What about Biotexcom? Will you have to pay in cash or use a bank transfer?


MissJ - January 15

We have to sign up a contract with Biotexcom. According to this contract, the clinic will charge a fixed sum. This sum will be divided into several installments. We will be able to make the payments either in cash or via a bank transfer. I don’t think they will charge any additional fees from us. However, the clinic may fine its patients if they don’t do certain tests on time. Do you think it’s fair?


Jenny_Jenny - January 24

In some cases, fining patients may be quite reasonable. Egg donation requires loads of knowledge and expensive medications. In addition, it involves an egg donor who has to take special medications to stimulate ovulation and synchronize her periods with the egg acceptant. The doctors may also ask you to do some tests to understand whether you’re healthy enough to conceive and carry a child. So it’s quite important to do everything on time. Hun, will you use fresh or frozen eggs for your ED program?
P.S. As far as I know, fresh eggs give better results than frozen ones. I reckon it’s better to use the fresh ones.


MissJ - January 31

I’ve also heard that fresh eggs are more effective than frozen ones, so we’re going to use frozen eggs for our ED program. When we sign up a contract and choose a donor, the fertility specialist will study my menstrual cycle and determine the date when we have to visit the clinic for the second time. Up to this day, I’ll have to take birth control pills to synchronize my periods with the donor’s ones. When we visit Ukraine for the second time, my hubby’s sperm will be picked up and used to fertilize the donor’s eggs. Then three embryos will be transferred into my uterus. I will have to take hormone medicines to support my possible pregnancy. In two weeks the first pregnancy test should be done. If the result is positive, I’ll have to take the hormone medicines up to the twelfth week of pregnancy.


JustBetty - February 9

Hi! I’m here to ask you for help too. I’m infertile because of a bad ovarian reserve. I don’t produce qualitative oocytes anymore and this is the main reason why I can’t conceive. I was diagnosed with this issue a year ago and now my hubby and I want to do IVF with donor eggs. As far as I know, the patients who want to do ED are asked to do certain medical tests. Am I right?


MissJ - February 12

Hi, JustBetty. You’re welcome to our discussion. Both you and your DH will have to do some tests before egg donation procedure. These tests should be done to make sure that you’re healthy enough to conceive. You will have to take some hormone medications, and the doctors should make sure that everything is ok. Your DH will also have to do some tests. I advise you to visit your fertility specialist and ask him to give the list of tests to do.


JustBetty - February 17

I followed your advice, hun, and visited a fertility specialist the other days. Now, it’s time for us to do the tests. I think I’ll start with the blood tests. My hubby is going to do a sperm test next week. Hun, have made up your mind what to do further? Will you visit that clinic? Or, maybe, you’re going to look for another clinic?


MissJ - February 24

We tried to search for another clinic, but Biotexcom seems to be a nice choice. They have very reasonable prices. In addition, they seem to be the only clinic in Kiev that offers accommodation and transportation services. We’ve found loads of positive feedbacks about them. However, they do have queues. You have to wait, and sometimes it takes much time before you could see the fertility specialist. This fact makes us hesitate.


JustBetty - March 5

I think you’re the one who should decide whether to visit the clinic or not. If you consider them quite ok, you may deal with them. As for the large queues, I would speak with their client manager.If they’re real professionals, they would do their best to feel you comfortable in their clinic even if it’s full of other patients. Just don’t be silent, speak with them! They may simply not know about such things. At any rate, I wish you good luck in your ED journey.


MissJ - March 14

My DH phoned the clinic several weeks ago. He had a talk with their client manager. She apologized and said that the clinic was really busy that days. She said that they are going to open three more clinics to serve their clients better. We got an invitation to visit the clinic one more time. We decided to give them a second chance. I feel a little bit nervous about it. I really want to be a mom as soon as possible!!!



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