can you bleed
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savonne - October 26

i have been 8 days late in having my period ive started spotting wehn i went to the toliet but it stopped can u spot could i be pregnant or is it my periods that are goign to come soon


? - October 29

depends if you normally get spotting before your period. If this semms abnormal to you, then I would guess it could possilby be pregnancy. take a test once a week until you get your period. If you don't get it in another month, get a blood test from your dr.


leah - July 28

maybe you're having a change of cycle that's why your period was delayed. i get this once in a while and i think it's normal.


jhinx - August 24

spotting indicates a period which is about to come out. it can also be actually a period. a pregnancy can also be possible and so with change of cycle. it's really important for us women to know the meaning of spotting but we can only do that if we consult our gyne. help yourself out.


beverly - September 10

spotting can mean a lot of thing and you will get a better answer if you visit a doctor soon. hope this helps.


thea - September 11

the most common and obvious cause for spotting is the start of period. it can also indicate an early sign of pregnancy. have yourself check out to know which is which.



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