blacking out
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c- - June 16

Today I was standing in line waiting for food and started feeling real dizzy, my ears started ringing, then I just blacked put for a split second.... I havent been able to inform my doc due to after hours..... What was it caused by?


darla - August 1

hard to figure out what's causing it.maybe it's because you were standing too long or maybe you're hungry or even tired?i really don't know..pregnant perhaps?


jaya - August 24

if you are expecting to be pregnant then most probably it's a pregnancy symptoms. but still, there is no assurance for that. have yourself checked out to be sure.


princess - September 8

i do experienced this many times before.all the time i thought i was pregnant but when i went for checked up, figured out i was yes it could be something else.visit your doctor soon.


colleen - September 10

not all blacked outs are due to pregnancy. it's still best to have yourself check to find out real cause of it.


Anjlina - September 20

i agree with colleen and you should definitely go for doctor and have some routine checkups....



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