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shye - August 2

i am on medication due to UTI infection. i take antibiotics 3 times a day. is it okay to have sex? will it cause me any trouble?


wishingstar - August 3

i don't think it will cause you any trouble.but to be on the safer side, just avoid having sex up until medication is over.


phine - August 20

it's still best to avoid sex while on UTI medication. for one reason, sex can make UTI symptoms worse. give antibiotic the chance to heal you for a comfortable and worry-free sex soon.


jhinx - August 24

hmm.. actually it's really okay to have sex for as long as you pee and rinse afterwards to flush out your urethral area.. you may also need to drink lots of fluids..


rizalei - August 26

as long as there is no pain and discomfort, i don't see any reason why you shouldn't have sex. just keep it clean and dry down there and don't forget to take medication continuously to avoid reinfection.


colleen - September 8

for as long as you don't feel any symptoms anymore, then you are good to go. just don't forget to continue taking medication as doctor's prescribed and of course don't forget to pee afterwards.


besh - September 10

my friend was still on UTI medication when her boyfriend insisted to have sex with her. after 2 days her UTI got worsen and had to take additional round of antibiotics. so if you can, please avoid sex if you want to get better soon.



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