Worried about husband's age...
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mrsbcruz - January 13

So, first off I absolutely love my husband,
he's fine with waiting on EVERYTHING because he believes when it's meant for him to have it, it will just happen. This drives me completely MAD!
I am 19, and my husband just turned 30. (Please spare lectures, it works for us.)
For the most part, there is no time issue on my end (fertility wise) I'll be fine for a while; of course hoping that everything is normal. I'm not so sure about him, though. He wants to wait a solid 5-10 years. And I was reading a couple articles talking about the toll that age takes on sperm. And, well, I'm worried. We want a family, but he just seems to be more relaxed about it. And I don't understand why. So I guess what I'm asking here is: Does anybody know the risks of waiting that long? If we wait 5 years he'll be 35, and considering we want 4 kids... I'm concerned it wont happen for us. And that really bothers me...


olivia - June 10

if you are having problem with your set up and can't wait for 5 long years then talk to your husband about the issue and how you feel about it. it takes two to tango so make sure you're on the same boat.


xoxo - June 27

i agree! why wait long if can you can do it now? maybe he really doesn't want it. sorry i don't mean to sound bad but i just don't get his point.


monica - September 11

talk to your husband and tell him about the possible issues he will be facing in the near future if he waits that long. good luck!


Arose - September 27

Hi, dear,
It is ok if your husband wants you to take some time before you get into the family life. You see, unlike women, men know that the responsibility of fending for the family is on their shoulder. So, most of them would love to be financially stable before they start a family. I suspect that your husband wants to save; buy a house and a good car before he starts a family. Also, you need to remember that sometimes men will not start a family with a woman until he learns and knows the type of a woman he is marrying. This is where most women go wrong. So I believe your husband thinks that five years is enough time for him to decide whether you are the right woman in his life or not. One last thing I want you to do is to ensure that he is aware of the fact that children born to aged parents have a higher chance of suffering from Down syndrome than those whose parents are young.



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