varicose/enlarged veins
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j3ssica - June 26

does varicose or enlarged veins in the testicles causes infertility? if so, what are some ways to correct them? i am considering over the counter creams, ointment, lotion or any other forms of treatment since visiting a doctor is out of our budget right now. thanks for any help.


sheila - July 24

my husband has also enlarged veins on his testicles and we haven't got any problem with it.infact, we already have 2 healthy kids.therefore, i don't think it's true.


kyllie - September 11

surgery is the most common treatment for enlarged veins on testicle but it isn't always the case.if it doesn't cause pain or bothers your husband in his daily life routine, then you can just leave it that way.


aimee - September 11

it's harmless but not always.surgical procedure can help to restore fertility so i think you should go for it since you are trying to conceive.


Laverl_6 - April 4

Great information.



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