plz help
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ivycampione - January 10

First thank you for your time.
I married my amazing husband 1 yr ago I have 2
kids from a past divorce after my 2nd child I was so unhappy due to a bad marriage and bad divorce never thinking I would find my true happiness. So 4 yrs ago I had a tubal litigation after the birth of my 2nd child. My new husband has never had any kids of his own and I want to give his kids. we have decided to have a tubal reversal, so that's when he had a semen test. I want to Understand the results and I pray that we still can go threw with it
age 32, smoker
appearance light gray to white
Total volume 3.8
sperm concentration 79.9
Motility 45
Semen Morphology 25
PH 7.9
Liquefaction upon receipt collection time 9:32 am
Time of motility 113 min
Leukocytes- few
Red blood cells -few
Is this bad??


xoxo - June 24

i read this post 5 times but i still did't get your point. i understand that you want to get pregnant so i think you should have your tube reversed first and see what happens next. about your husband's semen test result pls refer it to a specialists for further explanation. hope this helps!



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