low motility
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kellbo - January 28

My LMP was 1/10/11. I started on Clomid 100mg days 5-9. On the 20th I had an ultrasound and it showed 4 follicles, and my estrogen was over 700. I was ready to ovulate. I did the trigger shot that evening and had IUI next morning. I am currently 7 days post IUI. I have had lots of cramping and soreness on right ovary. I hope this is normal. I took a test yesterday and was neg. Just wanted to make sure the trigger shot was out of my system. My husband has low motility. Only 13% day of IUI. Im praying this works we have been trying for so long. I have this feeling it hasnt worked this time around, Im trying not to think about it but it is soo hard!


djeny - June 27

i think you should also consider your husband's low sperm motility. maybe, just maybe it will help if you are able to convince him for treatment.


alvin - July 6

personally speaking, i don't think it does matter if your husband has low motility sperm since IUI is used to put the sperm near the uterus so that sperm need not to swim far. it should be an easy fix. good luck!



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