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tobs2017 - July 29

Hi everyone
I have a story which I would love to share and solicit for your advice. I am aged 34 years and have been married to the man I love for five years. The man loves me just as much as I do. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get children. We have visited several clinics where tests have been performed, and it has been established that my husband is infertile. We discussed the issue, and I think we agreed that we resort to IVF. We are now looking for a clinic where we can undergo the process. Let me also mention here that we have agreed that I will donate the egg and we shall rely on the doctor to use the sperm from my husband to fertilize the egg. We are also looking for a clinic that can give us several surrogate mothers so that we can choose one that meets our criteria. We are interested in a black American surrogate mother. I hope you now understand why I am here. If you have experienced this or you know a world class clinic where this can be done, kindly feel free to share your opinion with me.


priyaangel2587 - September 11

Hello my dear, I am feeling bad to hear about your problem and I want that you can find a good solution to this problem soon. It is always one of the saddest moments when you find out that you can’t become a mother because of infertility problem. You should not take stress because of this problem because the solution of this problem is available with the help of Medical Science and natural. Many couples faced this issue of infertility and now they are living happy and beautiful life with baby. If you are also searching for a good solution, you can find it with IVF treatment solution. For the statement, you will find many clinics all over the world where you can visit for it. If you want to get positive results with this treatment solution, you can find good clinics in Ukraine. They are known to give good services to people who are facing the problem of infertility. You can know about any good clinic by using reviews of patients. If you are unable to find a solution with IVF treatment solution, surrogacy is still available as a good option. You just need to contact at any trustable reproduction centre and they will arrange a good surrogate mother to help you to get a beautiful baby. You can easily get help to find a healthy baby with all these solutions. You should also take care of your health and body if you want to increase the chances of pregnancy with IVF treatment solution. You should live a healthy life with regular exercise and good nutrition in your regular diet. I hope it will work for you and will help you to get a beautiful and healthy baby.


tobs2017 - September 14

Thanks for your comments. I think you are among the few people who understand that being childless can result into frustration and cause a lot of pain to a family. Well, after writing this post, I decided to carry out some research on IVF and I think I am opting to carry the baby on my own if it works. I also discovered that it is possible for the doctor to get more mature eggs and freeze some of them for future use. This is indeed good news because my main fear was that the process is painful and that the doctor would have to repeat the process every time we plan to conceive. In fact, I have now decided to obliterate a surrogate mother and carry the baby by myself. I have also discussed the details with my husband and we have agreed to raise some funds and choose a clinic where we can have the process done. Perhaps the only worry we have at the moment is whether it will be possible for us to get travel papers and documents that will allow us to travel with our child considering that we are likely to have the process conducted abroad.



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