is there any chance
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pyramid - January 15

my husband and myself have been trying very hard now for about 5yrs, one pregnancy that ended in misc very early. we have now had all the testing done at the fertility clinic and there i was given the all clear, but my husband was told he had a 32% sperm mobility, i did not quite understand what all the info means. what happens next and what treatments have people tried. i myself already have a son who is nearly 11yrs old, i thought trying for another would be so much fun.


Naomi98 - January 22

Sorry to hear about your ttc difficulties. 5 years of it would do anybody's mental health damage. The motility is the percentage of sperm that are moving. It means that 68% of your dh's sperm are not going anywhere so aren't particularly useful. But that's just one important fact. The other two are count (million per ml) and morphology (shape). You can't get a full picture without taking into account all three. So even if motility is a little low, if he has good count and morphology, that can make up for it. There are things that can be done to improve the motility (exercising more, eating better, multi-vitamins with zinc, no caffeine, low alcohol). For helping you to conceive, IUI is really good for moderate male factor infertility. It's also not nearly as intrusive as other procedures, it's basically just like getting a pap smear, except they're putting something in rather than taking it out! Hope that helps, good luck!


wishingstar - June 27

sperm motility refers to the way sperm move. if sperm motility is low therefore it doesn't have the ability to swim or move progressively forward resulting to unsuccessful pregnancy.



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