fertility issues
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lalai - June 20

how common is infertility problem? my brother is only 22 years old and married for 3 years now. his wife went for fertility test and came out normal, no problem so far. could it be that the problem is with my brother? if so, how can i convince him to go for a test without hurting his feelings?


mara79 - July 26

most probably the problem is with your brother. a much more common cause is lifestyle factor.


thea - September 9

male infertility has many causes from hormonal, psychological and physical problems. so it's really hard to pinpoint the main cause and the only thing to do is to have him check out.


kyllie - September 10

infertility is very common among men and women, it's a widespread problem.but then again, most infertility problems are easily detected through testings.


mariakarlsen55 - July 27

hi lalai, i know what your sister in law is going through. i had a hard time convincing my man. they are quite a proud lot , you just have to let them work it out on their own but advise his wife to make him understand that its for their benefit


priyaangel2587 - September 11

Hello my dear, I am sorry to hear about your family problem and I hope you will find a good solution soon for this problem. Infertility is a very common problem these days in couples and it can be because of various reasons. Unhealthy and inactive lifestyle is one of the most common reasons for the problem of infertility. It depends on lifestyle and health of your brother if he is having this problem or not. It is very important to consult with health expert for fertility test and then you will be able to know about cause of problem. It is very important if you can convince your brother to meet with health expert for a test. You can talk with your brother for a regular test and health expert can perform fertility test to know about the reason of infertility.
I can understand that male Ego is always there in such cases. It is very important to talk to your brother for good future of the family and his wife can convince him easily for a fertility test. Both of them should not lose hope because the treatment of infertility is available and they can also get help with Natural Therapy and medical therapy to find a solution to this problem. After getting the reason of infertility problem, they can start the treatment procedure easily. It can also be treated just by making some essential changes in your lifestyle. If they are not living a healthy life, they should add some exercise and good nutrition in Lifestyle to increase the chances of fertility. Only medical expert can help them to know the reason and good treatment solution to get rid of this problem. I hope they will get good treatment soon and will live a happy life.


susy123 - September 24

I am sorry for your brother. Try to convice him to do some tests. It's hard with males. They accept hard that may be a problem with them. Explain him that is better to learn about a problem. If you know what is the problem you can seek for solution.


janajana1 - September 24

It's very common that man have that problem. Talk to your brother. Convince him that he must go to the doctor. Maybe it's nothing but he must know. Tell him not to lose hope. He is very young.


snjeza1 - September 24

I emphatize with you and yor family. Your brother is young and have lots of opportunities. If it is problem in him it is better to know. They are hard to convince, I know. Be persistant. It is for his best.


wellspringivf - April 25

If your brother's wife is not infertile, then your brother needs to undergo infertility tests. Male infertility reasons are low sperm count, zero sperm count, ejaculation erection, and also due to excessive drinking and smoking. Ask brother not to feel awkward and once visit the fertility specialist. he will guide you properly regarding infertility issues if any. Sometimes, it happens that the couple can suffer from unexplained infertility.



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