erectile dysfunction???
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cha-cha - June 17

can vasectomy lead to other problems like erectile dysfunction? what are the common risks to be expected undergoing the procedure?


steve - July 6

there is no strong evidence indicating that vasectomy may lead to ED.i should know that because i'm a living proof.i had this procedure about 5 years now and there has never been any problem at all.


alvin - July 13

i agree! ED can only affect man as he aged. i also want to make clear that vasectomy doesn't affect or reduce sex drive just like what everybody is saying..


eirich - September 11

there are a lot of factors to consider. but usually, erection problems may be caused by physical problems and the most common, age related. so it really depends on the individual and not on vasectomy procedure alone.


aimee - September 11

personally speaking, erection problems are more likely caused by mental factors rather than physical or any other medical issues.


sjsivfcare - March 31

Yes i think you are right aimee but i also think it is because of watch porn on internet which may leads to erection problems


lindabee - July 28

there are medications that one can take but also try different diets that might help


priyaangel2587 - September 21

Hello my dear friend, I hope you are doing well and having a good day. It is a good thing that you are sharing your confusion with us and I hope you will find good solution for it. It is always a good option to share your problems and confusion and you can easily get good advice on this forum. When it comes to facing the situation of vasectomy, you should not worry about any kind of erectile dysfunction or sex performance issues. Many couples are getting the help to avoid any kind of unwanted pregnancy with vasectomy and it is a completely secure and safe treatment solution. In normal and most of the cases, vasectomy will not cause such problems in any male. But, there are many more factors you need to consider. It can be different in results for different people according to Physical condition and health condition. Erectile dysfunction can be caused because of many other reasons like health issues and age issue. The problem of erectile dysfunction will not depend on the procedure of vasectomy but there will be many other factors that can cause it. I will suggest you not to worry about this procedure and problem. If you want to get help with this processor, I will suggest you visit any certified and trusted clinic where you can get help with professional health experts. It is always important to live healthy and active Lifestyle if you do not want to face any issue of erectile dysfunction. It is very important to add regular exercise and healthy nutrition in Lifestyle. Due to mental stress, unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy diet routine, many people are facing the issue of erectile dysfunction.


wellspringivf - April 16

What are the causes of #Erection #Dysfunction

????Cardiovascular disease
????Alcohol Intake



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