Does increase in motility means decrease in Dead sperm ?
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manojkumarab87 - August 21

I got my SA . it was 25 million count per ml (total 50 million)
with appx 50 % motility (20% grade A , 30% grade b).
Dead sperm :50%
my question is ?
1. when someone on forum says he has 30% motility should i assume that his live sperm is 30 percent and rest 70 percent is dead
2. when someone says his motility improved from 30 percent to 45% does it mean he successfully lowered his dead sperm count by 15%


karla - July 26

not just because you have received a semen analysis showing dead sperm does not mean there is a problem. however you need to have 60% of live or moving sperm to be able to fertilize the eggs. this is all i know, sorry if i wasn't able to answer your question. but i do hope it helps!



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