dead sperms
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mariakarlsen55 - July 14

i am 26 years and i am married to one amaizing man that i love so much.we have been married for two years now and just recently is when we decided to start expanding our family.we have tried conceiving using the normal way but things havent been going well for we decided to see a specialist and know what the problem turned out that i was owkeey but my husband was diagnosed with necrospermia.turns out that he has less of mature normal sperms and more of dead sperms,that broke my heart but we wont stop trying..


katiebarber - July 15

hi maria am so sorry to hear that but have you guys tried seeking medical attention anywhere else?i advice that you should,i know of a clinic in ukraine called biotexcom am sure they can help you know the way foward for you and your husband


Asella - July 20

Dear Maria, take my condolences. I have a similar situation.
My friend in law has many dead sperms, and some live ones. After 4 years of TTC the doctors finally came to this conclusion.
2 years after their wedding they did serious testing. It was a process of a few weeks. It was very painful for my sis-in-law, and everything turned out fine. My brother-in-law also got tested then. The doctors said all they can do is wait.
They tried different natural stuff, homeopathy, energy stuff... Nothing helped. They finally got to a good doctor. After several months of waiting and the new tests. Results came later, showed that my brother-in-law (DH's brother) has many dead sperms, and some live ones.
The doctor said only IVF would work.


mariakarlsen55 - July 27

hi asella , i thought there were medications he could take to improve his chances for better sperm productions. actually i read on the internet but if the doctor gave your brother in-law that diagnosis and an ivf solution that means his might be severe. am hoping in our case it wont be. all still keep the faith and be hopeful


lindabee - July 28

hi there are also medications and treatments that he can take that might reverse and improve his sperm production


Arose - September 30

I am sorry for what has befallen you. It is true that necrospermia is becoming common and is now one of the main causes of infertility in men. The condition is a situation where the semen produced has dead sperm than normal sperm. This makes it difficult for the sperm to fertilize an egg. The condition is caused by a deficiency of sperm hormones or could be caused by testicular disorder- which is a defect caused by toxins, alcohol, drugs and even cotton seed. Luckily, this condition can be treated if the cause is identified. So I would advise that you visit a doctor so that the cause of the condition could be identified and your husband put on treatment. Also, you should try to look for herbal medicine or anti-inflammatory pill which has successfully been used to treat the condition. If this does not work for you, I will advise that you try to pursue IVF or IUI. I wish you a successful TTC.



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