Causes of Male Infertility
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danny1985 - June 13

As you can see from the title of this post, YES…males do suffer with INFERTILITY. I don’t know why but a lot of males around the world try to reject this simple truth and try to blame their female counterparts for not being able to conceive. That’s just preposterous. I mean, what do such guys think of themselves? Are they some kind of superhuman who can’t get a medical condition???

Now coming back to the main topic, here are some causes of male infertility.

1. Abnormal sperm production: It may occur due to genetic defects or undescended testicles. Various health problems such as mumps, HIV, diabetes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or varicocele can also contribute to the cause.

2. Problems with the sperm delivery: Some sexual (premature ejaculation) or structural problems (blockage in the testicle) along with some genetic diseases (cystic fibrosis) can cause problems with the proper sperm delivery. Damage/Injury to the reproductive organs might add to the cause thus leading to infertility.

3. Overexposure to certain environmental factors: Overexposure to certain chemicals or radiation may cause infertility in males. Smoking and alcohol also have the same effect on the reproductive health. Few medications like antihypertensives and anabolic steroids also affect fertility. Frequent exposure to heat in saunas and hot tubs can contribute to the increase in the core temperature of the body thus affecting sperm production.

4. Cancer Treatment: Cancer treatments like radiation treatments or chemotherapy can sometimes severely affect sperm production thus leading to infertility.

So these are some of the causes of infertility in males. Some of these can be avoided, so one must reflect on his lifestyle so that he doesn’t go through this. And the ones who have gone through this need to get rid of these factors, be optimistic, and research your options. I’m sure every one of you out there will do that and then the destiny will bestow you with a beautiful kid (or two) and you’ll get all the wonderful family time because you deserve it.


marionrazo - July 25

this is so informative. its good to know that some of the causes in men can be avoided or reversed. am having a hard time convincing my husband to visit the clinic for a check up


mariakarlsen55 - July 27

my husband has a problem with his sperm, we have been to the doctor but i have faith that all will turn for the better, there are treatments for dead sperm and low sperm count right?


priyaangel2587 - September 11

Hello my friend, thank you very much for sharing such informative information with us. It is one of the main problems with the mentality of society that they only blame females for infertility problems. When any couple faces such infertility problem, they only think that female has the problem of infertility and they do not give any blame to males. It is a normal thing that they can also have a medical condition so it is very important to perform the medical test of both in case of any infertility issue. If you are giving it important to perform infertility test of both of partners, it is possible to find a solution to this infertility problem. Maybe, she is not having any problem with fertility and male partner is facing any infertility issue. Male ego should not be there because a medical condition can be faced by anyone in this world.
My friend and her husband faced this problem in only a few years of their marriage. He was facing the problem of low sperm count but then he decided to take treatment for it. He got help with herbal treatment solution and by making some healthy changes in Lifestyle. He started yoga and regular exercise and he also made some healthy changes in regular diet. With herbal and natural treatment, he got treatment solution of this problem and they are living happy family life now. It is always important to know about feelings of each other and should understand each other’s physical needs to face such infertility problem. There can be various kinds of medical issues with males so it is always a good option to consult health expert in case of any fertility problem.


Anjlina - September 19

Thanks dear for sharing such a useful information. It really helps alot to know infertility issues. As people blame women in such cases. but this thread proves that men also suffer from infertility.


wellspringivf - June 11

Very informative, As human tendency they consider that always woman is infertile, but its not always the case. You need to diagnose both male and female partner and then take treatment.
Your information can help many of the male friends, that what are causes of infertility.
Thank you



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