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Mega - September 30

Hi! I was looking for experiences &/or tips for the Laparoscopy procedure. I have a cyst on my right ovary and my RE said I may have to get a lap. He'll know more about my MRI on Oct. 11th. But in the meantime, I'd like to hear from people who had it done recently. Also, I'd love to hear if you got PG shortly afterwards. Oh, here's the cliff notes version of my story--I'm 30, TTC #1 for 1 year now. I have PCOS, on 1500 mgs of Metformin, DH has morphology & mild motility issues. I'm eager to get rid of the cyst as I'm looking forward to my 1st IUI cycle. TIA! Good luck & buckets of baby dust.


Mega - September 30

Opps! I meant my RE will know more AFTER my MRI on Oct. 11th. Sorry! It's Friday, my brain is drained! LOL!


dl - September 30

Hi Mega! I am also 30 and trying for our 1st for almost 9 months now. I have my 1st RE appt Oct 10th. My ob/gyn thinks I have PCOS deducted from my BBT charts, negative OPKs and such. No blood tests or anything. She wanted to wait until I go to the RE and they can just handle it. Question though - if your hubby has motility and morph issues, why are you trying IUI? I know it bypasses any cervical mucus issues and goes right into the uterus, but if they aren't shaped right they can't penetrate the egg, and if they aren't swimming normally, they may not get to the fallopian tube. I know it is tons cheaper than IVF so is that why you are trying this first? Is this what your drs recommends? Just wondering. Sorry to pry. I am just starting with the RE stuff. Supposedly you can correct cysts with hormone drugs to help decrease it in size. Are you on clomid or anything?


Mega - September 30

Hi dl! You're not prying. Good questions. My RE recommended it. Our motility issue really isn't bad at all. Just a little less than normal. However he's only got 5% morphology, not good at all but he's got a very high
count (200 mill +), so my RE is confident that we have a shot with IUI. I figure it just takes one sperm. Or hopefully 2, as I'd love twins! I think the IUI gives the sperms a pretty good leg up too for the speed issue. I've been on Clomid twice before, & I'll give a go again when we get this cyst thing taken care of. Good luck with your RE appointment. My OB had diagnosed me with Clomid based basically on my irregular periods & the RE confirmed it. I think going to the RE's been my best move yet & I hope you feel the same way after your first appointment. Good luck! I'll be interested to hear how your RE appointment goes.


Vanaseregwen - November 8

This is late, so hopefully it will still be relevant.

My hubby has low motility and morphology and I am now pregnant with our second child concieved with IUI. The sperm are actually injected directly into the falopian tube. I also had the lap-it took an additional 6 cycles to get me preggers after that. But-the doc really didn't find much wrong inside. Mine was just a non-specific infertility.

How are things going now?


ClarencePJ - February 14

No blood assessments or even everything. The lady desired to hang on right up until We visit the RE and they could just cope with this. Problem though - but if your man offers motility as well as morph troubles, why are you currently attempting IUI? I understand this bypasses any kind of cervical mucus troubles as well as moves strait into your uterus, but if they are certainly not designed correct they cannot pass through your egg, in case these people are certainly not going swimming typically, they will often not really reach your fallopian conduit. I understand it is tons less expensive compared to IVF and so can be that will why you're attempting this specific initial? Will be this specific what ones drs endorses? Only asking yourself. Apologies for you to pry.



natalika2017 - December 8

Hello! This theme has very hooked me. I want to tell a story about the life of my cousin Kathy.
She had a laparoscopy. She came to the gynecologist, with the desire to start planning a pregnancy. The doctor sent to donate blood from the veins to the hormones. And according to the results of the analysis, they discovered that Kate had a cyst. Began to observe it. A month later, she began to have severe pain, in the right side. They looked like pain from appendicitis!!!!!
t was already impossible to waste time. She begins to collect documents and tests for surgery. On the day of surgery, you should not eat anything. In the morning they put an enema for cleansing.
Then they give soothing pills. How not to tune yourself to surgery, all one is very worried. In the operating room, an anesthetic was injected through the vein. Then she does not remember anything. I woke up already in the ward from the pain in my stomach. They gave an analgesic medicine. Made to eat, because the day did not eat. In the evening she went on a period. The first day was plentiful.
From Cat's extract: The cyst was removed from the right ovary, and part of the ovary. They removed the adhesions in the peritoneum. Have checked the pipes by pumping fluid in them and burned Endometriosis 4 degrees! Have issued a certificate where it says INFERTILITY!
They said that only a surrogate mother would help or take a child from a shelter. But Kat continues the treatment. It is hoped that the second ovary and permeable tubes will be able to conceive.



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