HSG test and cramps
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jal239 - August 22

I had an HSG test this past Firday and everything looked fine. It hurt like crazy, but it went away pretty quickly. I bled up until today. I called my dr. on Monday and they said that since I did not have a fever then I was ok. I am having achy cramps and today seems to be the worst. ALmost feels as though I am getting AF. I thought it may have been ovulation, but my O sticks say no. The pain is on both sides and it is almost like I can feel my ovaries throbbing. Any thoughts as to what this would be from? AF isn't due for another 12 days.



tynadu - October 20

It just happens.... the same thing happen to me but nothing was wrong.


leah - July 26

i think it's normal. i had this side effects too and it lasted for 2 days. my friend had this too, maybe it's common among women who went through this test.



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