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*bubyblues* - April 10

i was wandering if any one else out there is like me. I fell pregnant with my first daughter when i was 17 i had a horrible pregnancy after i was hospitilized for most of it after they found that i had an incompetant cervix. she was finally delivered 1 month prem by ceserian after 1 week of going in and out of labour. she is now 3 and i am have been ttc for 2 years with my fiance aho is not her father. we have found out that he has low sperm count of about 30%to40%. I am wandering if maybe he is the reason why we have not concieved. I went for a hsg test on friday (day 10) which was normal no blocks. Now i wander when i will be ovulating so we can try now as i heard that having a hsg test makes you more fertile. at the moment i feel totally helpless but i have been inspired by all of your storys and would like to wish you all good luck in this frustrating time hopefully i too can inform you all soon of an anticipated pregnancy. Is it possible that my traumatic last pregnancy is hindering my falling pregnant again due to emotional feelings an can my cervix have something to do with my infertility.GOODLUCK AND KEEP POSITIVE


kim - May 31

how much was the hsg test?


Rachele - July 7

Well I am just at the beginning stages of all of this but I was told by my doctor that the HSG test does increase your chances of getting pregnant. I do not have fertility issues, however I am doing insemination so my Dr. suggested this test to increase my chances right away. Hope that helps and good luck to you too.



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