how to convince him?
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marionrazo - July 25

hey, what can i say, he is so stubborn. we have been trying for a baby for a while but we aren't that lucky. i decided to visit my doctor got checked but she said that my hubby needs to visit a fertility clinic to have a decisive answer. i has been hard convincing him to visit the clinic. i cant say that i didn't have issues but we need to do this together.


mariakarlsen55 - July 27

i was in the same boat. its so hard to to make them visit the clinic. mine was so proud as first i had to convince him that it was for the benefit for the both of us. am sure you will find a way to convince him


marionrazo - July 28

thanks maria... am still hoping he comes around but lately he has been trying to support me by talking but still he doesn't want to go to clinic


Kata - October 19

Can’t believe men sometimes. I have been in that same boat for a while now, and it’s driving me crazy. Makes me wonder if I have become obsessed with having a baby, and blinded to the fact that maybe he just doesn’t want a baby.
Took me close to a year to convice him to check himsef out even after he started experiencing ED.
My advice to you: make an appointment for him and take him to the doctor - like a child.



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