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sabrinasmom - July 23

Long story short-I was born with a hormone imbalance which caused menstruation to start at an early age for me. And I just recently found out from my doctor that I could be starting menopause earlier because of it. So now at 32 I'm concerned that my timeline or window for getting pregnant may be earlier than others. My question is-is there a simple test my doctor can do to determine if I am still fertile? And how much longer I may be fertile?


julieloran - July 7

Ladies, I have just read this post. I am so scared for now. I am in my late 20s, still working on my career and success. I am planning to have a baby in a couple of years. I do not think me and my husband are ready for now. We are still so busy, we barely see each other at home. But now I am thinking about the early infertility because my first period has started when I was 10. I also had the issue of hormonal disbalance. Should I really hurry up and change my life in its core for now?? I have always been dreaming about the baby, I cannot miss a chance to start a family!


saurab015 - July 14

If you are facing problems in getting pregnant than you can be facing infertility problems. IVF and surrogacy can be a option in this situation, I know a clinic which might help you, If you have any questions regarding the clinic you can reply me.. Good luck


mariakarlsen55 - July 27

hi sabrina, dont give up you are still very young. stop thinking of menopause. i wish you would just start by finding out what is really wrong with your body. there are ladies out there older than you getting babies. take heart and go to the clinic for a proper diagnosis and know what next


EvaB - August 3

Hi Sabrinasmom,
You are very young. So give up about thinking of menopause already. God is not so harsh on anyone. Just trust God and yourself. Everything will be ok and you will become pregnant once again. Even if doctors say that you are not fertile, then also do not worry. There are so many ways and means of becoming pregnant. I know of a clinic in Ukraine. There the success of becoming pregnant rate is so high that you will be happy to note. The success rate of IVF at Biotexcom clinic is almost 75 +%. Do not think twice. Just visit the clinic and consult the experts there. The staffs is very friendly and you will be at home there. Try your luck. All the best to you to become a mother second time. Just remember that nothing is impossible, only faith and belief is important.


Anjlina - September 20

Hi sabrina, don't give up! we need to follow medical terms but there is no hard and fast rule which will say that you still have same hormone imbalance. As our hormones and tissues get build and broke many time in our lifetime so, just concern with some expert and I am pretty much sure you will get a good news. And if you don't want to go for some clinic or doctor then here are many internet webinars are also going on which, helps you in advising with their expert doctors.



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