why wont i get preg
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some one - September 30

hello me and my boyfriend(soon to be husband want to start a family we have been tryin almost 9 months and nothing some time i think im preg b/c i get symtoms but then i get my period .. could i be inferl my boyfriend i already know can have one b/c of his ex she had an abortion that hurt him real bad any ways ... please help me


Gia - October 3

Hi! Well It doesnt always mean your infertile because you dont get preg. right away. have you used any ovulation monitors? If you havnt try that first because you might not be having sex at the right times. If you have used a ovulation monitor than I would for sure go see a fertility specialist. Make sure you see a specialist not just a regular obgyn. I am seeing one now and he is great. My regular obgyn is a good doctor but they arent specialist so they cant treat infertility. So I found one of the best specialists in the country and he found out what was wrong within two visits. So my advice to you is first try a ovulation monitor then if that doesnt work see a fertility specialist . Believe me ive been where your at and it can be so scary not knowing if your fertile. Most likely you'll be fine. Most fertility issues can be treated anyway. So if you have a problem chances are it can be fixed. Also just because your boyfriend got someone preg in the past doesnt mean he is perfect. My bestfriend's husband got his ex pregnant and she had a abortion too, and my friend thought the same way you do that her husband was fine because he got someone preg in the past but when they went to the fertility doc he checked his sperm and found that he had a really low count. The doc 's explaination was that it was a lucky shot . It happened then by pure luck! So dont asume its you . He will need to be checked too. Good luck I hope this helpes some.


SOME ONE - October 5



r - October 31

My ob/gyn said you should have sex every other day, not every day. The sperm need that extra day to build up their strength/mobility to make the journey. He also said on average it takes people about 7 months (I think..) to conceive. You can also try using a Basal Body Thermometer to track your temp to see when you ovulate. This is less expensive than the fertility monitors.


m - November 3

r, I have never heard that. I find it interesting. How does doing it every other day give the sperm extra strength/mobility? Thanks.



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