When did you ovulate on Femara?
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kamivy - June 20

Hi, I was prescribed femara for the first time this month - I've done 4 rounds of Clomid I ovulated but didn't concieve. I'm not sure what dosage of Femara I was on but I took 2 tabs a day from day 2-6. The nurse at my fertility clinic told me to have sex days 13-15. Now I'm on day 17 and according to my charts and symptoms I still havn't ovulated. I rang my clinic to ask about it thinking perhaps if I wasn't going to ovulate on my own they could trigger me, but the nurse just said I won't know that I didn't ovulate till the day 21 test and really brushed me off. I've been charting for over a year, I know my cycles patterns and when I do and don't ovulate. I KNOW I havn't ovulated yet, and I've been in a lot of discomfort since day 12 - lots of period type pain and twinges and a killer lower back ache. I keep feeling like I'm about to get my period. And I'm soooo moody. I got off the phone to the nurse and burst into tears! And I'm tired of having sex everyday cos I'm afraid to miss the window lol. Ok, sorry to whinge so much. Can anyone else relate their ovulation experience with Femara? I figure I should just keep it up til about day 20, if I havn't ovulated by then I don't think I'm going to.


CourtneyHope - June 20

On my first cycle of Femara, I didn't ovulate at all. I am now on my second cycle which is double the dose, so we'll see. I am on cd 7, and I took the pills cd 3-7. My dr told me to start checking for ovulation around the 14th day, I did last cycle and there was nothing, so it might take another try for you too. Good luck!


AllieP. - June 20

Hi Kam- It sounds like you are probably on 5mg of Femara. This is my first month on it and i'm on CD16 and still waiting to ovulate. I've been having u/s every few days to check my follicles. But i know normally I don't O until CD18 to 21 so this is pretty normal for me. You said the nurse told you to have sex on CD13-15, have you had u/s's showing your follicle size? If she's not checking your follies theres no way she can tell you exactly when you are going to ovulate and even then she can't be sure unless you get the trigger shot. Last month my doctor said i was going to Ovulate in approx 3 to 4 days but i was tracking my temps and i didn't O for almost a week later! The discomfort you are feeling is most likely your follicles growing. I had some lower back pain this month too and it's a side effect from the femara so don't worry about that! :) You should request an u/s to see where you are at and maybe some blood work to see if you O'ed or not. They can certainly check your progesterone before CD21 and be able to tell if you O'ed or not! Sheesh, it sounds like the nurse isn't the caring type! Remember you are paying THEM so you have every right to request an u/s or bloodwork! As far as having sex, every other day is plenty!!! :) remember sperm live for up to 72 hours! Give you rself and your significant other a breather and let his sperm build back up a little! Good luck! Oh and don't give up on CD20 either! All the frustration and stress could be delaying your ovulation too!


kamivy - June 21

Hi girls, thanks for your replies. Allie, I'm not monitored this cycle, they are only going to monitor me if I do IUI which I was going to do next month, but since dh's SA came back we've canned that idea-only 8.6 mill sperm count, less than half alive, only 5 % swimming forward rapidly and 98% of those deformed. Not candidates for IUI. Doesn't look good huh. I know it's not necessary to bd everyday, but given the results the dr's said as often as possible would be good and will hopefully help produce healthier sperm. There aren't many there and the ones that are there aren't good swimmers, and my cm is practically nonexistent this month so I figured a constant supply might be good as I'm not sure they'll last too long. Of course that's when I thought about 3 days should cover it lol :) I'm not normally stressed out about it, I've been really teary and down the last week - my hormones are all over the place. The doc said Femara would be better than Clomid, but I don't know! i didn't feel this rollercoaster on Clomid and I always ovulated between day 12 to 15. CD 18 today and still no ovulation but oh well, like Courtney said, maybe it'll happen next week but maybe it'll take a higher dose.


rizzoh - June 22

Hello, my doc is talking about putting me on femara what is the normal dose they put you on the first and second month? I should say I was on clomid for 5 months and have had a miscarriage. We will be trying again as soon as we can.


Cyntlin - July 2

From what I understand, Most doctors prescribe 5mg from cd3 to cd7. I'm currently on my first cycle on femara. Today is my day 6 and pill will finish tomorrow, really no much effect except headaches. I really hope to ovulate better this month as I already do on my own.


sansa - July 3

Dearest. How are you? You need to calm down. Relax. You are taking too much stress. It is not good for you. Talk to your DH. Cry as much as you want. Let it all out. Don't overthink and torture yourself girl. These issues are not rare. They happen to everybody. We are all in this together. You need to lift up your spirits. Seek professional help. Talk it all out. In the end, we all survive. We all find our peace. You will too. You just need to have patience. I know you can do this. Come on. Cheer up. I hope you find the support you need. Prayers.



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