Two days early??
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shannon - November 25

Hi everyone, my husband and I have been trying for a baby for eleven months now and still nothing. We thought maybe this monthwe were but my period, which was due tomorrow (Friday), came yesterday (so two days early). I'm never late or early. So two questions... Does anyone know why that would happen this month (starting two days early)? And two how do I calculate my fertile days now? Is there a way to do that without buying a test? Thanks everyone!


Marcia - November 28

My hubby and I have also been trying, but it's going onto 16 months now. I wasn't due to get my period until yesterday Nov. 27, but I began spotting 8/9 days early (day 19/20 of my cylce), so I thought it might be from implantation. But seeing that I'm still spotting and it's the day after I was supposed to get my period.....I am also confused when to calculate what my cylce is. I use ovulation test strips, but I'm still wondering if I might be pregnant, but I don't want to dissapoint myself, yet once again. I'll probably take a preggers test tomorrow morning. On a side note, I had an HSG done on my day 11 and I'm wondering if that had something to do with it?, who knows. If you live in North America, there's a really cheap place to buy ovulation test strips over the web, you can get 20 Ov. and 5 Preg test strips for $13.75 US (less than $20 CDN) from they'll send them within a week.


Shannon - November 29

Thanks for the info... I'll probably do that. Good luck! I hope it happens for you soon! :)



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