TTC IN 2010!!!
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Jen30 - January 14

Hey Toscana hows things with you?

I finally got a progesterone test done and it came back at 13 and should have been 30. But because I have a child already I'm not entitled to referral to a clinic through NHS. And because we are a female couple the clinic won't treat me with clomid unless I do IUI with them... yeah cos I'm made of money! So I started my clomid again this months days 5-9 (currently cd 8) and I know a guy who does bodybuilding and get get me a shot of hcg (pregnyl) so I will give myself a shot 36 hours before I expect to ovulate. It's so crap I'm forced to put my health at risk because my doc won't help me. We have a donor coming over from France on the 21st and staying til 24th and I should ovulate 22nd-24th so fingers crossed this month. Apparently the Hcg shot finalizes the egg maturation and helps it rupture. Are you on meds or no?


jayton - January 14

Jen330 I'm doing a round of clomjd aswell this cycle I'm cd 3 and thinking about doing CDs 3-7 I would love to try the hcg shot but not sure it's as readily accessible, I think I might also try robitussin, do u know about this?


Jen30 - January 15

Hey Jayton... good on you... is this your 1st clomid in a while? My last one was Feb last year but was on 50mg, this time I took 100mg. I'm also taking baby asprin and selenium pills. They say 60g selenium a day heps give you a good thich womb lining (as you'll know clomid is known to thin it) Yes I took robutissin and will again this time... I actually do have a bit of a chesty cough ha! It is good... I'd start taking 10ml 4X a day for about 3 days before ovulation and the day after. It does work but I found I couldn't track ovulation pending by my mucus because of the meds.
The hcg... well I found it in lots of places online butjust couldn't get it quick enough. The main one is pregnyl.... I know its not the best thing to do but these people will not help me even though theyve shown me im not ovulating... what choice do I have except to say oh ok doc i wont have another child because apparently i don't deserve one! I never asked for ivf... just someone to monotor me and prescribe something to ovulate... I'm so mad! I usua;lly ovulate 9 days after my last clomid and we have a donor coming over from France on the 21st... I'm due to O on the 24th, but he leaves that day so going to do hcg trigger Thursday night which should have me ovulating early afternoon Saturday. If you just type in buy pregnyl online... it took me aaaages... but I found it was greece and india or Turkey which had it without prescription. Or if you look on bodybuilding sites they use the Hcg shot for something to do with testosterone and crashing... I don't understand it but know you can get them from there. It seems to me i am ovulating but my egg isnt mature enough to be fertilized... or my egg is growing but just not popping... all you can do is keep trying something else! If you do manage to get the hcg you should take it about 2 days before you expect to ovulate... you should ovulate on average 36 hours later. I've read a lot of good things about hcg after clomid so we shall see!! Good luck to you. I am now cd 9 and on my last clomid (thank God I cant stand the headaches and I feel so angry and tearful today) babydust x


durante baby - January 16

Cris2008, Dh and I recently bought a Retriever chow mix puppy...It does work a little. They arejust like children, my kids and the pup fight and play like kids do. Dh says it is a little sad how much the dog actually fills the gap, but now as the pup is getting older and trained more, it isnt as fun haha...He is starting to become boreing which is one thing my kids have NEVER been......Anyways i am now on cd-4 second round of clomid. i should be O-ing right about now, but god decided to give me two periods in one month...So we will see how it goes this time around.....Baby dust to everyone!


Jen30 - January 18

Ooh I just got my pregnyl delivered. I can't believe I managed to get some!!! :D


Jen30 - January 21

Omgd it was panic stations yesterday. My previous clomid months day 1-5 and 2-6 I ovulated 9 days after my last pill. Tuesday evening before bed I did opk and it was negative... quite a faint line. But then wed morning it was a really strong positive. We had only planned for our donor to come at the weekend! I had my Hcg shot wed morning which was really scary because enither of us knew how to give an intramuscular injection! All went well and we managed to get donor yesterday afternoon! Did opk and pregnancy test just to check hcg was in my system and it was kinda weird to see a positive pregnancy test (ooh they do work after all lol) My temps only went up from 36.1 to 36.19oC so I'm not sure.. maybe a slow rise or maybe today in ovulation day. All I have to do is keep testing to watch the hcg leave my system so I know if I get a +++++ that it's a true +++ and not just the shot.


Jen30 - January 21

Oh I'm only 6 days since last pill now!


cris2008 - January 22

Hi girls, just wanted to say that this month, once again, is not my month. I tested this morning and it was a big negative. Feeling very sad and hopeless today. Why does it have to be so hard?durante baby, having a dog sounds like the right thing to do. Definetly looking at buying soon. I might start a post for Feb TTC and create a list with names so we can support each other. Babydust to all.


jayton - January 22

lol jen 30 about the pg tests actually working, ive had tht feeling before, but never got to prove tht they do..these clomid headaches r the worst!


Jen30 - January 23

Jayton: I know lol... well I've not seen a positive on these ones heh heh. I know the headaches are bad. I suffer from migrains anyway, then when I took the pregnyl shot I got another 2 day headache... not to mention a sore bloody leg lol. We have our donor staying til tomorrow and.... it's ummm.... interesting! Don't think we will do this again having someone staying in our home :( 1 more day!!

What cd are you on?


Toscana - January 23

hey girls! sorry been gone so long! looks like everyone is staying busy!! Jen~~~ I'm doing good thanks I'm on cd 21 so hoping that I have a 28 day cycle again this month! or no af at all even will be such a miracle! good luck with ur shot and everything! seems like u are really busy!.......Aunemom2b where are u girl??


clong - January 24

Well ladies, it's not my month either. Got a BFN and starting to spot. Waiting on AF so i can get on with the next cycle. Baby dust to all!


CassieSong - January 25

Hi Everyone. I'm Cassie and ttc. We're on our second month. I go through times thinking it'll happen right away, and other times when I get scared it'll take a long, long time, if ever. I know that whatever is meant to be will happen, so I shouldn't stress, but we would love a baby!


Toscana - January 25

hey girls! sorry to hear about ur bfn's clong and cris2008! keep ur heads up and know that with God ALL things are possible!! =)~~~~~~~~~~Cassie! hi and welcome! I know what u mean. have u guys been diagnosed or gone to a dr to try anything to help u in ttc? I wish u all the happiness!!


Aunemom2b - January 25

HEY YA'LL!!!!! I'm HERE!!! WOW!! it seems like FOREVER!! I love reading and catching up on everyone!! I feel so out of it!!! ******** AFM - I have no idea what day I am on - should start on or near the 1st - (right before my 38th BIRTHDAY!!) We are busy with the house... offer was accepted and we hope to close on the 19th. So I have been organizing, packing, etc. while at home. Work has been really busy too - so not on as much as I would like. Thanks for missing me!! LOL!!! I hope to get back in the TTC swing of things soon - although I have enjoyed this little "break" of the stress of it all!!!


CassieSong - January 27

HI, and thanks for the welcome. This would be our second child. Our dd is 4 years old and I went through cancer a couple of years back... so now we are finally trying again, but have no idea how long it will take. The doc says things are fine, but I can't help but wonder. The chemo did "ding" the ovaries as they say, and I was on a temporary menopause, so to speak. But my cycles have been normal now for quite a while. I know even with perfectly healthy couples, it can take a long time.



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