TTC IN 2010!!!
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WaiTiNgOnBaBy - January 4

Hello Ladies! Name is Tana. I am very new to posting in forums, so bare with me. I am 22 and DH is 27. We have been married since July 19, 2008 and have been TTC ever since. We have been together for 6 years and have always dreamed of babies. Well, after 1 year of trying I went to see my OB - he started out sending my DH for SA which came back normal - then I went for HSG and tubes were clear. I am getting ready to start my 3rd round of Clomid on January 8th. My OB has been doing Day 21 progesteron checks - on my first round my level was 18 and round 2 it was 19.8. i called today and asked them if I should start using OPK's and they said there was no need just to BD every other day from CD 10 - CD 18. I know this is a mouthfull, but does anyone have any input on all of this? I feel so confused. I didn't realize it would be so hard to have a baby! :-(


lacybos13 - January 5

Hello Ladies!! I am CD23. I think that I O'd on CD18, 19 and 20 according to OPK's. I had progestrogen checked CD21 and still have not got the results. I am on my 2nd round of Clomid. My doctor wont let me do more than 3 rounds. Hopefully this works!!! I was on Depo Provera for 8 years and it messed everything up. Never had any cycles while I was on it and still dont. My last injection was 12/08!! I have had to take Provera to have my cycle and then did Clomid days 5-9. I am hoping if I O'd that I will have a cycle without the need of Provera. Last thing...the last couple of days my nipples have been SO sore!!! Is this just a side effect of Clomid or could it be more?? Thanks for the help.


Aunemom2b - January 5

HEY GUYS!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Well I was just checking in (had a minute at work) - so good to hear from everyone (Glad things are going well angel!!) sorry about AF Toscana!! - I feel ya!! I am Cd 5 (AF on 1/1/10 - happy new year to me!!) lol!! We put an offer on a house and they countered - so we are looking elsewhere! (we offered all we would pay) ... oh well - the search marches well as bding (secretly remember - hubby doens't know I am still TTC!!) :-) hehe!! I turn 38 next month (2/3) and will be almost 3 years TTC so I am not stopping now!! LOL!! gonna ask about getting back on clomid although it gave me a HUGE cyst last time!! - Well gotta and prayers for all!


cris2008 - January 6

Hi everyone,

Happy 2010 to us all! Hopefully we will all have some babymaking joy this year! I am on cd 9, but dh and i have the flu so not very enthusiastic, but hey, definetely bd, fluey or not. Aunemom2b and Dahope, hopefully this month will be ours! Toscana, sorry to hear about af, chin up, let's keep on trying! Waitingonbaby, don't stress too much, you have so many years ahead of you, you are only 22, it will happen! Just think of me, already 38 turning 39 this year, I have been trying for well over one year almost 2 (hubby travels too much which doesn't help), but time is ticking here, you have all the time in the world, just enjoy it!
baby dust to us all! ;-)


dahope - January 6

Hi Everyone...I didn't get a chance to bd at all this month..what's wrong with me... just find out heater not working ....never had to use it in South Florida....good luck Aunemom2b secretly huh have fun....I only bd this morning hopefully I get the end of O ...if not iui for next month....Cris I'll turn 31 this year three yrs TTC..BABY DUST to all


Aunemom2b - January 7

HEY GUYS!! Well, I mentioned bd this morning to dh and he has a sinus infection so he isn't up for it! :-( of course that doesn't get him off the computer and video game!! oh well... really wish we could do the iui this month as planned! :-( Cris - I am in GA and can't believe how cold it is!! I have family in FL that is freaking about the cold and not having heat, etc - I feel ya!! We have a fireplace but it stinks to high heaven so I try not to use it much! I may have to break down and start one tonight though (n time for that big snow!! lol!) ........ I waited until I was 36 to marry and will be 38 next month... time is ticking for us all - although my best friend just had her 1st at 42!! There is still hope!! I've always wanted more than one but with two grown step sons (20 & 16) I guess just one will be fine! :-) Maybe I will get a BFP for my birthday this year!! :-) Last year I got a puppy (to take my mind OFF baby making!! - haha that didn't work AT ALL!!)


clong - January 7

Hi Ladies. I'm cd11, had u/s today, showed one good follie on left at 21mm. I got an HcG shot as well. This was my 4th cycle of clomid also did 3 cycles of femara. Say prayer as I will for all of you. I'll be 36 on 1/30 ttc for almost 2 years.


dahope - January 8

Hi! where's Toscana,,,..Aunemom2b funny u mention that.... dh got us a dog also.... cause we were starting to get n each other nerves lol so our dog save us lol ...Good luck CLONG ....please God answer our prays...Babydust to all


cris2008 - January 8

We are also thinking of getting a Labrador puppy, uncounsciously to fill the gap I guess. It doesn't work does it? Aunemom2be, funny thing is we are in San Diego, hubby is on a project here, it is pretty mild in comparison to the rest of the country, but there is always a flu going around in the winter isn't there? Anyhow, if I were you, I would dance in front of that computer and videogame...hahaha just kidding! Baby dust to you all girls - this is going to be our year!!


Toscana - January 8

hey girls just wanted to pop in real quick and say hi to everyone 7 welcome to all the new ladies!! what a great new year so far with all the new ladies joining us!! I hope we all have many bfp's soon!!!...... I've been away for a bit sorry but I've been so emotional lately and just in that mood so I was away. but I'm better now. God is good! he always knows just what to say to make me feel better and pick me up and give me the strength to carry on!. but I'm only on cd 7 so far! lol it seems longer then that!


dahope - January 9

Hi everyone ....I know how you feel Toscana, five couple got married after me already have children in church everyone keep asking me when I be ready,,, they just don't know what i'm going through emotionaly,,, ladies is it normal to have thin and thick white mucus cd21 i ussually have my af cd 27 or 28 always ...stay save in bedn'g when you get a chance ladies we never know ,,,miracle happen everyday ,,,babydust to all


clong - January 9

Toscana: Thanks for the welcome! Keep your head up- what better place than here to spill out all of your emotions. Nobody understands unless they've experienced it. Baby dust to you and us all!


Toscana - January 12

hey girls! ur so welcome clong! I just had something on my heart that I wanted to share in my bible study this morning. I've been very excited and been filled with hope reading about the infertile woman of the bible. my fav story is the story of Hannah though. but while I was reading I cam across a verse that I just fel in love with! it says in Psalms 113:9 "He gives the childless woman a family,making her a happy mother." I just wanted to share that with u all. I feel like I have a whole new outlook and am so positive! I've been going back to church and giving it to God and letting him have control over this area of my life and to help me cope with the emotions of it such as the anger, resentment, jealousy. and its just making me so happy and filled with joy! that my heart feels so full of love! I'm very excited!. I hope that can help u ladies!.


clong - January 12

That's awesome Toscana. Thanks for the inspiration. I, too, have a recommendation. I started reading "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis, PhD. It's based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and is very interesting and informative. You can find it on We're all in this together!


Aunemom2b - January 13

HEY GUYS!!! Well, I missed my fertile window due to being sick, dh having a fever blister, etc. but we have narrowed our house search down to 4 and the TOP one has 5 bedrooms (that is a master, two offices, step sons room, and a guest room/nursery (hopefully) - PERFECT!! It is of course at the TOP of our budget but soooo worth it if our family does grow!! I'm so excited!! It definitely has taken my mind off babies - but I still know fertile window, etc.!! LOL!! and yes - puppies are great!! they are just like kids in the beginning - you have to get up with them in the middle of the night and take them out... gotta potty train them and gotta watch their EVERY move because if it's on the floor - it's in the mouth!! It took son and Dh a while to do this!! Luckily we have a great baby that is smart and potty trained in 2 weeks!! I also have a baby book and video of her!! HAHA!! - oh and yes, I saved her baby teeth - yes!!! she is my baby girl!!! HEHE!!! Sick - I know... but oh so fun... I won't even mention her 1st birthday or trips to see Santa!! HAHA!! Ceasar Malone would NOT be happy with me!!! HAHA!!


Jen30 - January 14

Hey Toscana hows things with you?

I finally got a progesterone test done and it came back at 13 and should have been 30. But because I have a child already I'm not entitled to referral to a clinic through NHS. And because we are a female couple the clinic won't treat me with clomid unless I do IUI with them... yeah cos I'm made of money! So I started my clomid again this months days 5-9 (currently cd 8) and I know a guy who does bodybuilding and get get me a shot of hcg (pregnyl) so I will give myself a shot 36 hours before I expect to ovulate. It's so crap I'm forced to put my health at risk because my doc won't help me. We have a donor coming over from France on the 21st and staying til 24th and I should ovulate 22nd-24th so fingers crossed this month. Apparently the Hcg shot finalizes the egg maturation and helps it rupture. Are you on meds or no?



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