Tilted Uterus...can i still get pregnant????
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Candace - April 2

I found out in January that i have a tilted uterus(tilted down) and i was told that i can still get pregnant...but what are the chances that i will get pregnant??? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I AM SO WORRIED!! CANDACE


Shen - April 15

Hi, I have tilted back uterus too and my gynae says that there is no problem in getting pregnant.


Heather - April 15

Candace... Don't worry... My cousin's wife has a tilted uterus and just this past october she gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy! One thing I have read is that if you have a tilted uterus and are ttc... You should have sex doggie style. Something about the position helps with the "tilted" part and it is easier for sperm to get up in there were they want to be. Good luck!!


Heather - April 15

I have a retroflexed uterus (tiltled back and under itself) and have two beautiful children. The only thing is that it's harder to hear the heartbeat early on. I had to have an ultrasound to hear it until the uterus came out of the pelvic cavity. Good Luck!!


Kerry - April 16

I am the same I have been told. I might take longer to get pregnant..please help


katie - April 17

I have the same- uterus tilted back. I just got pregnant on my second round of clomid (had to go on clomid because I wasn't ovulating either). I had heard that if you lay on your stomach after having sex can help with a tilted uterus. This month I tried that out- I laid about 20 min on my back and 20 min on my stomach. It worked!


Bella - April 18

I also have a titled uterus and I have gotten pregnant twice. I was also told it can straighten out after you have your first baby. I got pregnant much faster the second time also.


A - April 18

Hi, I also have a tilted pelvis and I'm pregnant with my second baby. You shouldn't have a problem. Best of luck.


Diane - April 19

Im 45 and have a tilted uterus also
is it sitll possible for me to get pregnant or will it be more dangerous
if I do at this point and time


Claire - April 20

A tilted uterus should make no difference to your chances of getting pregnant. Sometimes a uterus is tilted due to endrometrosis which can affect your chances of getting pregnant but I'm sure your doctor would have seen this on the scan if this was the case.


Lauri - April 21

Don't worry Candace...relax...sometimes it helps: ) I have a tilted uterus and have stage 1 prolapse after my first child 10 years ago. I have since gone on to have 3 more beautiful children and got pregnant within a few months of trying for each one. The missionary position is probably the best bet for you and your partner to have sexual intercourse..that way the cervix will be bathed in the semen (if your cerivix is tilted towards the rectum...if it is tilted towards the front, just do it doggie style...it helps to lay in bed for about 15 minutes afterwards and try to focus the semen towards where your cervix is lying.


hamid - May 4

what is the best postion for conception in retroflexed uterus with illustration


Carrie - May 4

My mom had a tilted uterus and she has eight children!


KELLY - May 4

you shouldnt have any problems i also have a tilted uterus just some possitions during sex are slightley painfull , just relax and dont panic it will happen when you least expect , good luck


Polina22 - September 7

Hi all, who knows the methods of treatment, Bicornuate Uterus?



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