Runs in the family
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Sandra - September 22

My mother had four miscarriages before she had me. I am afraid that this is some sort of a genetic thing and while I am not technically infertile my body is unable to carry. How do I get help for this?


lone_dove - September 23

hello Sandra, i know that it must have been hard for your mother having 3 miscarriages but you have to remember that your body is different to your mothers, I dont think it is genetic. Good Luck


Gia - September 24

Hi! Well i'm sorry but alot of infertility issues are genetic. I know first hand. My mother had 3 miscarriages and also had her children 7 years a part. She wanted her kids closer together put couldnt get pregnant. It took her all those years in between us . My sister had 2 miscarriages and tried to get pregnant for 6 years after the last miss and couldnt. She finally went to a fertility specialist and now has two kids. Now Its my turn I have had a ectopic preg. and a miscarriage and a stillborn. So I decided to go see the fertility specialist that my sister saw . I started seeing him last month and the first thing he did was pull my sisters file. and told me that most fertility issues are genetic and the way my sister was treated is the way he would treat me because he has found that if siblings come in and you treat them the same it is almost always effective. So needless to say fertility issues are so very genetic. Please take my word for this because I am seeing the 4th rated fertility specialist in the country and he has helped me so much. Dont be worried just go see a specialist and tell him about your mother and they will take care of you! If you have any questions for me just write on here again. Bye!


lone_dove - September 26

Gia, you say that its genetic, well how can my mother have 4 kids on one overy and then when it comes to me i have PCOS, and dont ovulate at all????


Gia - September 28

Lone dove, I dont know about your situation but like I said above my doctor told me that things in fertility are genetic and its really common. Like I said i've experienced it first hand! I'm sure like anything else not absolutely everything is genetic but very easily can be. hope this helps any.


gia - September 28

lone dove, are you currently seeing a fertility specialist? Do you have any kids? Also forgot to write above that my grandmother has 7 children, 5 girls and 2 boys. My mom said the same thing as you said above. She couldnt understand how the fertilty issues happened to her. And why she passed them on to my sister and me! Because my grandmother sure didnt have a problem but my mom does. Same as you, your mom had 4 kids but you have fertility issues. It just happens. If you have any questions about the genetic connection if you ask a fertility specialist he or she Will tell you that it can be genetic. Hope you write back.


ab - November 20

I do not think that is something that can be mother in law had 5 kids effortlessly, but her two younger sisters could not. her younger sis has one, and that is all she can have, and her mid sis had two misscarriages, and the doc told her she could not carry children.


ab - November 20

have you considered surogusy, another woman carry your child for you?



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