Ready to try injectibles & want to hear success stories!
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BAF - June 21

Well, here's my story. We also have been TTC for about 3 yrs. BFP 12/04, lost it at 5wks. BFP 4/05, lost it at 5wks. Got pregnant both times naturally. Had ultrasound, HSG - everything normal. Had an endometrial biopsy, diagnosed w/LPD by OBGYN. Went on clomid 4 cycles - no pregnancy. Took a break from TTC, no clomid, still no pregnancy. Went back on clomid Dec 06 - March 07 - no pregnancy. Hated clomid as it dried up CM, hot flashes, weight gain & did not realize it then, but it thinned my uterus lining. I began seeing a RE in April and did my first round of injectibles this cycle (which started on June 1st). So now I"m just waiting to test on the 27th!!! Sorry so long. So you'll do your trigger shot on cd15? Best of luck to you. Maybe the injectibles will bring us both a BFP that sticks this time! So nice to meet you :)


thayward7 - June 22

Hey BAF, I did 4 cycles on clomid. Then 3 cycles on clomid with injectables. This last cycle, it worked! I am pregnant! I was on clomid 50 mgs days 3-7 and menopur injections days 6-11. Ovidrel trigger shot on day 12. IUI on day 14. Positive first response test on 12 days post IUI. Hope it all works out for you! Smiles and Babydust,


BAF - June 22

Congrats Thayward7!!!! I love to hear about success stories. I'm at about 9dpo and trying to be patient! Hopefully I finally get my BFP after trying so long! How far along are you?


kotkot005 - June 24

thayward congractulations! thats really relieving wish you a very safe journey. and BAF i really wish you all the luck. i did clomid late this cycle 5-9 so i was late in developing those follie even with the aid of injectables. i am going for a ultrasound today, yesterday was my final shots i am on cd16 today and i hope it will work with me this cycle. i will keep you updated. wish you best of luck on the 27th.


BAF - June 24

kotkot005, best of luck today! I bet they give you the trigger shot. Will you do IUI or intercourse at home? This wait to test is killing me. I'm of course staying strong & I am not going to test until Wednesday. No real symptoms except I noticed today at 11dpo my bbs are not really sore & they usually get sore just before AF. I am praying it it a sign for me! Of course this is my first cycle on the injections so you never know. Let me know how things go today!


BAF - June 24

Well, I'm guilty. After my last post, I started thinking and something was telling me to test. Of course, I am a poasoholic. Anyway, I took the test and got a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe it. I know I will be on pins & needles until I can get it confirmed w/a blood test. But only after 3 minutes w/First Response, there was my line! I got down on my knees & said a prayer that this one will stick! Please pray for us!


Tracy88 - June 25

BAF I have goosebumps. I am ecstatic for you! I have a photo of myself after peeing on a stick and getting the long-awaited BFP. I was on the phone with my mom when DH snapped the picture, so I know what your face must look like right now......beaming! I had Savannah Skye on May 4th at 8:44pm after two long days of grueling back labor and 2 hours and 45 minutes of pushing. Labor sucked but was well worth every minute of anguish. I finally took her by my fertlity doctor's office and they were in awe of her.


BAF - June 25

Tracy, Thanks so much! If I can just remain calm & try not to worry now! I am out of town but called my RE this morning & they said I could come in on Thurs or Friday when we get back for a blood test. I just pray everything is ok this time! I took another test this morning & got another BFP. I am so excited & hopeful. Congrats on Savannah! I bet she is beautiful! Thanks again & say a little prayer for us!


jackie0214 - June 25

The problem I see here is that your doctor is not combining the Clomid with a progesterone shot. Tracy. Your uterus probably became thin because progesterone is what thickens the uterus to be able to hold the egg in place. Otherwise, the egg does not become fertilized. The Clomid is to help you ovulate, but you also need a good level of progesterone to keep the egg fertile.


kotkot005 - June 28

YOU ARE MY LUCKY CHARM. iam really happy for you i am really enthusiastic and i will pray for you day and night for this one to stick you eventually deserve it. well for me yes i took my hcg shot on sunday and i had a very positive ovulation test on sunday. the U/S showed 21.5mm follie with some other 16 and 18mm follies . so iam pretty optimistic this cycle but i dont want to keep my hopes up. i am on follic acid, baby asprin and metformin1500 every day all along with progestron supplements three times a day.
i really wish you best of luck and please keep me informed about your blood test dust


BAF - June 28

kotkot005, thanks so much. I got the results of my beta this morning & it was 356!!!!!!!!!!!! I go back tomorrow for another one so wish me luck on the #s. Sounds like you're now in the 2WW & had some good follies. Lots of baby dust to you & I hope I am your lucky charm! Keep me posted & I'll do the same.


kotkot005 - June 28

BAF those are prettey good numbers. you know that they have to double in 48 hours, so i will be praying for you. please ask your doctor to prescribe some progestrone supplements or even ask for baby aspirin, you have two bad experiances and you deserve to be taken care of. please do your best for a safe journey. wish you all the luck. yes i am on my 2ww and exactly on cd20. i really wish this cycle will work but iam not going to give up, i will keep on trying injectables. since we dont have a male factor i did timed intercourse and i believe i will be doing this next cycle also. wish you all the luck and please keep me updated of your beta results.


BAF - June 28

Thanks kotkot005. I will have an update on Monday from my beta tomorrow. We did timed intercourse too and bam, it worked! Have a great day & talk to you soon!


kotkot005 - July 8

BAF any updates? hope all is going well.


BAF - July 8

kotkot005, thanks for asking. So far so good! My 2nd beta was 843 and I am scheduled for a 7wk u/s on the 20th to see the heartbeat! Not many preggo symptoms yet so I am eager to get the u/s which will put my mind at ease. How are you doing?


acattc - January 2

I found this link and loved reading all your success stories! I start injections with IUI this month as soon as I start my cycle. Which should be any day now. I would love to hear everyone's updates, and more success stories!! Thank you in advance!!!



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