Ready to try injectibles & want to hear success stories!
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BAF - April 10

After 3 yrs of trying, I am finally going to take the next step & try injectibles. Just wanting to hear of any success stories & also have questions for anyone who's been through it.


Tracy88 - April 11

I did 3 failed clomid cycles, had a laparoscopy, then did a cycle of injectables with back to back IUI's and got PG on the first try. We had been TTC for two years, but even after just two years, I was so ready to give up. I am now 34 weeks PG with a baby girl!


BAF - April 11

Tracy88, Thanks for the encouraging words. Congratulations on your baby girl. Wow, you're almost there! I also have had 3 failed Clomid cycles. The Clomid dried up my CM & thinned the lining of my uterus so no wonder I haven't conceived. We still have to get my DH's sperm tested to see if we'll do injectibles w/intercourse or IUI. Wish me luck! Any side effects of the injections? How many days did the injections last & how many sonograms did you have to have? Sorry for so many questions.


Tracy88 - April 11

Honestly, I would do the IUI's if you have the money. Just bypass the vagina altogether. It made me feel more confident in the process for some reason to have his sperm deposited so much more closely to the eggs. I guess I just imagined that they didn't have as far to swim and as much time to die off. Plus, the way I see it is, if you are going to spend the big bucks on the shots (compared to clomid's costs) then why not make sure it's done to the best possible advantage? I had more side effects on clomid than the shots. Clomid made me a wreck, that's why I only did three cycles. Physically and emotionally I couldn't do a fourth. Plus, I gained 15 pounds on clomid, whereas I only gained 5 from the cycle of shots. Other than gaining five pounds, I was fine. The injectables were very kind to me. I started the injectables on cd3 and did my last one on cd9, then on cd10 did my trigger shot and had IUI's on the mornings of cd11 and cd12. I was actually ovulating on cd12. I only had two ultrasounds, one four days after I started stims on cd7, and then one more on cd9. On cd9 I had four dominant follicles. One at 18, one at 14, and two at 16mm. I got PG with twins, lost one at 8 and half weeks, and am about to meet my little Savannah Skye. By the way, losing a twin is not as horrible as it sounds when you are that early. I guess I was just so grateful to still have one left. That, and 80% of twins don't make it between weeks 5 and 10, so I was sort of prepared for something like that anyway. I went to the OB this morning. I am 34 and half weeks, 100% effaced and 1 centimeter dilated. The doctor doesn't think I'll make it past week 36, if that. I have had a weak cervix which was caught at week 28, but trust me, it was in NO way caused by meds or anything. I have been on bed rest since they found the cervix issue. The baby weighs over 5 pounds, so she is in good shape at this point. Good luck to you, and wish me luck too! Looks like I could pop at any time!


BAF - April 11

Tracy88, I wish you all the best for an easy delivery. Wow, you are a wealth of information. Thanks so much! I see your point about the IUI's. So glad to hear you didn't have as many side effects with the shots. I too have gained about 12lbs with the stupid Clomid. Sorry to hear about losing one of the twins but you are blessed to be meeting Savannah soon! That's a beautiful name! Thanks again and blessings to you!


Sonyamac - April 11

Hi there, I did 3 monitered cycles with CD2-6 2 100 mg clomid, then they monitored my follicles and ordered follistim (Puregon, in Canada), accordingly to the amount that I needed, i was back and forth for b/w and u/s and when the follies are at the right size then then Ovidrel, before the IUI. I conceived on my third try, we have an 8 1/2 month old son, I am 38. We are trying again and will be doing out third iui this month, I am hoping that three times is my lucky number! I would just make sure that you are monitored, it just ensures greater success! Good luck.


Tink - April 12

BAF- good luck. i did 4 months on clomid/timed BD with my OB. then moved on to to the specialist after that. we have no real problem- unexplained, both check out fine. so we did 2 IUIs with clomid with the RE, so that was 6 months total on clomid- it made me a monster, but i did respond well with good follies. but still no BFP. so then i did a lap, then did 2 more IUIs- this time with injectables- follistim. the emotional side effects were much less for me on the shots- the clomid was worse in terms of making me an emotional wreck, so that was a plus of the shots. they weren't bad to do at home either. i did feel more bloated on them than on clomid. I did them usually for like 5-6 days, my follies grew fast. i usually had about 3-4 follies of decent/mature size by IUI time. we used the ovidrel trigger. the good news is the shots don't dry you up like clomid does. i also used acupuncture in conjunction with my last cycle, which was actually IVF and it helped my lining a lot! acupuncture improves blood flow to your uterus, hence improving your lining. might be worth looking into. good luck to you- i am now 10 weeks along through IVF. I only did 2 injectable cycles with IUI- since i had already done 2 before with clomid- so 4 IUIs, i was ready to move on.


BAF - April 12

Sonyamac, thanks for the info! Congrats & best wishes for another beautiful baby. I bet 3 time is a charm for you! We are to have DH's sperm tested to see if we'll do intercourse or IUI but after talking to Tracy88, I'm leaning toward the IUI for better odds! Tink, congrats & blessings on your pregnancy! I love to hear the success stories. They keep me going. We've been TTC for 3 yrs w/2 early MC. I was diagnosed w/LPD, did 4 rounds of Clomid, took a break and just finished 3 more rounds. I then decided to see a Fertility Specialist & he wants to try the injectibles. I am just waiting for AF (or a miracle BFP!) to start the process. If AF does come this month, I will have to go on birth control for a month to help build up my lining as the Clomid has thinned it. The last 3 months, I barely had a period so he's convinced I'm thinned out. Then I go for a complete blood workup & if all that checks out, I'll start the injections around the end of May! Again, thanks to all of you for the encouragement & information. Blessings to all!


andy - April 13

hi BAF ... never give up , hope is everything ... I ttc for about 10 months , 1 m/c at month 4 at 5w and then found I was not ovulating so we did injectables right away ... I had 10 shots from cd2 to cd 12 with follicle monitoring and then an hcg shot cd14 , and thank God got pg on the first try ... the only side effect I had was weight gain... 8 pounds in 2 weeks!!! Today I had a precious baby girl that is 2 weeks old ... have faith it will happen soon !!!


BAF - April 14

Andy, Thanks so much for the hope & encouragement. Congrats on your baby! Blessings to you both. I just hope I'm one of the lucky ones & it works the first time!


Tracy88 - April 15

BAF, not to get your hopes up too high, but I know so many women who got bFP's on the first try with injectables. Andy, congrats on the new baby!


BAF - April 15

Tracy88, Thanks so much! How much longer do you have to go? I'm so excited for you!


kotkot005 - June 20

hey BAF anything new with you? keep us updated


BAF - June 20

kotkot005, I am in the 2nd half of my 2WW after my first cycle of injectibles. We did the injections & timed intercourse so we'll see. I had a blood test today at 7dpo to see how my progesterone levels are. Just waiting to hear back on the results. I am due to test on the 27th! I am hopeful & excited! Are you doing injectibles? Where are you in your cycle?


kotkot005 - June 21

well i have long story to tell , i have been trying for almost three years now. i have a PCOS i did the hsg came back perfect and we face no male problems at all , i fall pregnant the first time after aclomid 100mg cycle lost it at 6 weeks. followed by several clomid cycles which was successful in inducing ovulation but with no pregnancy , i went for laproscopy which came back normal again, the first clomid cycle after the laproscopy i fall pregnant gain ( Jan07) lost it again on week 8. i have been on glucophage and progestrone supplements when i fall pregnant the second time. i did another laproscopy after my d&c results suspect an ectopic but revealed nothing, it was just a weal pregnancy. i did one clomid cyclew last month but af arrived on 9/6/2007 so my doctor wants to try the mix of clomid and injectables, so idid clomid 100mg 5-9 and injectables from 9 - 15 as i have late ovulation, i went for US yesterday and my follies still neeed some time to grow up.
i am on hmg injections two ampules a day , 1500 mg metformin and 85mg baby aspirin and follic acid. i have another us on saturady and am now on cd13 and i will continue on the injectables till cd 15. what about you i would like to hear your full story:)


kotkot005 - June 21

and by the way i really hate clomid , although i fall pregnant twice on clomid but i just hate it. it dries the CM.


BAF - June 21

Well, here's my story. We also have been TTC for about 3 yrs. BFP 12/04, lost it at 5wks. BFP 4/05, lost it at 5wks. Got pregnant both times naturally. Had ultrasound, HSG - everything normal. Had an endometrial biopsy, diagnosed w/LPD by OBGYN. Went on clomid 4 cycles - no pregnancy. Took a break from TTC, no clomid, still no pregnancy. Went back on clomid Dec 06 - March 07 - no pregnancy. Hated clomid as it dried up CM, hot flashes, weight gain & did not realize it then, but it thinned my uterus lining. I began seeing a RE in April and did my first round of injectibles this cycle (which started on June 1st). So now I"m just waiting to test on the 27th!!! Sorry so long. So you'll do your trigger shot on cd15? Best of luck to you. Maybe the injectibles will bring us both a BFP that sticks this time! So nice to meet you :)



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