Pregnancy after HSG
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lisa - March 31

How long should I wait to try to get pregnant after HSG test?


May - March 31

I had mine on day 10 of my cycle and ovulated on day 13 so we started trying three days later. I do not think that it matters. I, however, did not get pregnant that month or the next. Praying for preggo this month. I am 29 and have a three year old. Got preg no problem but have been trying for a second for over ayear. It is very frustrating because I feel like I have done every test and method I know and it is all so out of my control. Hopefully it will happen this month. OPK showed surge yesterday so SEX SEX SEX!!!Fun fun ha ha. Anyway, I did order Ovulex and took it this month. It is some herbal supplement that is suppposed to get your body in tip top shape for preggo. We'll see!!!!! Good luck to everyone. It is really bizarre how so many young women are having so many problems these days.


4babyKelly - April 7

I just had a HSG CD 10, very painful. But will be worth it if I get Preg. this month. Dr. started my on Clomid CD 3, said after the HSG I would be very fertile... So we will see. Tubes were open on no other issues. Here's hoping between Clomid and HSG we will get Preg this month. Been trying for a year! Good Luck to all.


still trying - April 10

went in for hsg yesterday. I took some ibuprofen before apt. was somewhat uncomfortable but manageable. i'm 30 years old and have been trying for 9 months. after i came off the pill i was not getting any periods but then started spotting for 4 weeks,wasn't pregnant. hormone tests and ultrsound have been normal . my husband's sperm count is normal too. have started first cycle of clomid this month. hsg indicated everything was fine.dr has recommended trying after hsg so i guess we'll wait and see.


Lisa - April 11

I had my HSG today and for those of you worried about it being painful, wasn't for me at all. It was similar to a pap smear,...a little discomfort, but I suffered NO real pain. I will be ovulating in a few days and hope this made a difference and I will finally get a positive! We've been trying for 8 months! :-(


Nena - April 12

I am waiting to get tested for chlamydia and than I have to do HCG. I am 29 and TTC 4 1/2 yrs I hope it will work.


LTB - April 15

We've been trying for 8 months (I'm 30) and I just had an HSG yesterday. I would say I have a high pain tolerence. It starts like a pap smear and then becomes very uncomfortable. My doc prescribed me some anti-anxiety meds which took the 'edge off'...but it was still fairly painful. Cramps and mild bleeding is to be expected afterwards.


Kerri-Lynn - April 16

Is it true that after having an HSG test you are more fertile? Is there anyone who has had the test and become pregnant not to long after having the HSG test and if so how long did it take you to become pregnant? I had my HSG test on the 14th of April 2005 so just want to know how accurate this myth really is.. thanks for all of your replies:)


Celia - April 19

Has anyone not had blockage and them become PG after HSG??? Am going to have HSG done on 4/21. Been TTC for 3 years.


Dana - April 21

Yes, I had an HSG in of June '04 and got pregnant, but I I had a miscarriage in Aug. The doctor told me that the HSG "could have" had something to do with me getting pregnant but it wasn't definite. I diagree with him because we tried at least a whole year and a half before the procedure and got nothing.


Babs - April 21

I just had an HSG two days ago. I had read all the "horror stories" online about this procedure. I must say, I pain for me was very quick and very minimal. I did take 3 ibuprofen before the test. The test lasted about 5 minutes. Worrying about the test for two weeks beforehand had to be the worst part of it. My test results were blockages. Hopefully, I will soon be pregnant!


Celia - April 21

I had an HSG today and I must say that it didn't hurt at all, it just felt weird and I felt some pressure. I did take a vicodin 1 hour before the test. I did have slight crampindg afterwards but nothing serious just like AF cramps. They found no blockages Dr. said I got an A lol. Felt very tired and nauseous after, also I did notice the second time I urinated I did see a little bit of blood clotting maybe this is what has been keepin me from getting PG???? We'll see will keep everyone posted I pray that this was the key. Been TTC for 3 + years.


gk - April 22

I had hsg on April 4. Tubes were all clear. It wasn't painful at all. I took the day off just in case it was as bad as I had read. I actually could have gone to work afterwards. No cramping, bleeding, or anything. Just a pinch when doc inserted catheter. When the dye came out afterwards there were some clumpy pieces...hopefully the dye cleared out my tubes and I will be pregnant this month! I can take pregnancy test tomorrow. I had an ectopic in August and my husband and I started trying again in January. Wish me luck! Good luck to everyone else who is trying!:) I'll update you tomorrow!


careygirl_7 - April 22

I am suppose to go next month for HSG and we have done all the blood test sperm test everything is ok. I read today you are suppose to wait 2 weeks before having sex for those of you already done the test is that true? TTC 4 years


gk - April 23

Update from yesterday...well, the pregnancy test was negative. I guess there's always next month. My dr didn't tell me to wait 2 weeks after the test before having sex. We knew I would be ovulating the following weekend so we didn't wait. Maybe there is some fact to that though bec ause the more I read on the hsg the more I hear about women getting pregnant the month after the test...not the month of the test. So I will stay positive another month. TTC for 1 year.


Celia - April 24

My Dr. said nothing in the vagina for 24 hours ie, no sex or no tampons for 24 hours.



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