Odd cycle
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TJ:) - September 21

I have been off BC for about 15 months and my cycle varies so much, I have no idea when I am ovulating! This month I started on day 24 adn only bled for 3 days wiht no cramps and now I am finished. I don't know what to think anymore. Any suggestions about ovulation testing...?


lone_dove - September 23

hello TJ, there is a ovulating kit you can get from your local drug shore i think its about $80 but you can get ones cheeper then that or you can do the sticky test if you know what i mean


lone_dove - September 23

Ok, I am stupid, what's the sticky test? and now listen to this, i started on day 24 and bled for 3 days and then spotted yesterday. i really think something is crazy wrong. now any suggestions?


Gia - September 24

Hi! Well I suggest getting the clear blue easy fertility monitor. It is pretty effective. You have to start it on day 1 of your period and everyday you have to look at the monitor to see if it wants you to test. What it does is have you pee on test sticks and then you insert them into the monitor and it reads them and checks to see your fertility status. It tells you when you ovulate so you'll know when to have sex. Sometimes after coming off BC it can be a little tuff to get your cycles back in order. But it usually will get back on track in a few months. But in the mean time get that monitor. Its way better than the other ovulation kits out there. Use that for a few months and if it doesnt work than see a fertility specialist. I am currently seeing a fertility specialist and it is very expensive. So if I were you try the monitor before spending the money at a specialist. Do you have any children already?


TJ:) - September 24

Gia, This is the first time for me. And i am trying not to stress but it upsets me so much! I have tried ovulation tests but they don't work well for us. Can't remember the brand. Thanks for the info, I will look into the Clear Blue Easy!


lone_dove - September 26

hello TJ, the sticky test is were you put you fingers up your fenny and if you are ovulating the puss will be alot more sticky then when your not, there is a thing on it on this web site.


Petal - September 27

I'm sorry if you use the ovulation kit and you are not sure when you ovulate u will need about 30 tests, coz i am the same and when i was suppose to ovulate i checked everyday with the sticks and had no luck. Hope this helps!


Erin - September 30

I have the same problem. I took two depo shots last year and have been off for a little over a year. After the shot I took the pill for a couple of months and got off so my hunsband and I could start trying. We've been trying for about 5 months. I usually get my peiod every 2 or 3 weeks so I don't even know if Im ovulating or not. After hearing everyone's comments i think I'm going to buy an ovulation kit and see if that will help. Good luck!



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