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patientlywaiting328 - January 24

hi ladies i have been reading all the success stories and glad i found a place to talk so here is my story i have pcos since i was 15 was on bc pills since then 2 1/2 yrs ago i got off bc pill and ttc and nothing 5 cycles of clomid and still nothing period has been irregular since off the bc pills started metformin on nov 23 got my period dec 21 im having a hard time getting to 2000mg of met the side effects are horrible lol but im suppose to start clomid this mth and im hoping for a bfp but im not having much hope


Kerri_md - January 27

Hi Ladies...
Again, I want to encourage you to hang in there. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant with my 4th pregnancy, 3rd child! I found out I had PCOS in August 2005 when my doctor wanted to put me on Clomid bc I wasn't ovulating at the normal time of the month (I always ovulated really late, like CD 30) So my cycles were like 45 days apart--once I finally figured that out from charting bbt and cervical mucus I was confident it wouldn't take us long to get pregnant-and it didn't. I was put on 1000mg of Metformin plus 50 of Clomid and I didn't ovulate any sooner than CD31--but you can still get pregnant with late cycle ovulation and I DID in Sept 2005 with my 1st child. I remained on the metformin at 1000mg the whole pregnancy bc I was fearful of miscarriage and to help with gestational diabetes. Two years later, we were ready to come off the pill and try for #2--I got pregnant right away and ovulated CD 14 which was really early for me (right off the pill your body will usually ovulate more like "regular cycles" and then as the months go on the PCOS kicks in and the periods get further and further apart.) Anyways, I hadn't even started the Metformin when I was pregnant with #2 and at my early OB appt, there was no heartbeat--so it wasn't a good pregnancy and I needed a D&C at 12 weeks. After the D&C, I started again on 1000mg of Metformin and the 3rd cycle after the D&C I was pregnant again with a healthy pregnancy (ovulated late on CD 31, and stayed on the Metformin the whole pregnancy). So when we wanted to ttc for #3, I started the 1000mg of Metformin 2 months BEFORE I came off the pill and I ovulated CD 17(by the 3rd pregnancy I knew my body really well to know when I ovulated and CD 17 was better than CD 31--probably because it was the first cycle off the birth control) and it's another healthy pregnancy and I'll come off the 1000mg of Metformin the weeks before I deliver like I did with my other two healthy pregnancies. I have never had any side effects from Metformin, so no GI issues, but no additional weight loss either. And one time they tried to increase the dose up to 2000mg, but I still ovulated late CD 30 so they moved me back to the 1000mg dosage. I hope my story gives you hope and baby dust to all of you!


ChanniB - February 28

i found out i had pcos in June 2011, i have been put on metformin to help keep my weight down and to help me increase my changes in becoming pregnant, i have read the leaflet and it doesn't say anything about assisting with becoming pregnant, my doctor didn't really explain anything about this tablet and i was just wondering if it does help with assisting with becoming pregnant


mssunnysunshine - April 11

Yes, I am currently pregnant after being on metformin for 5 months. I have PCOS as well I just found out in november. I am currently two months along. So good luck if your trying to have a baby.


ChanniB - April 12

AWW!!!! that's great news congrats, i have been on them since 28 February, and i have noticed no change, i haven't had any periods yet since i have come off my pill last time i had a period was about 6 months ago, and its really started to concerned me the doctors have told me that it's nothing to worry about which is more easy said than done. Is there anything that you suggest i should try.


mssunnysunshine - April 13

Thanks! I stayed on metformin from November until currently. When I didn't get my cycle I took medroxyprogesterone 10mg. You may also want to ask your doctor to do a DNC. Just to clean your uterus since its been so long since you had cycle. I hope everything works out for you! Keep me posted!!!


ChanniB - April 13

ok thank you what is medroxyprogesterone used for?? and ok i will suggest it thank you again and i will, im glad i have people to talk to on here that are going or was going through the same kind of thing that i am going through


marchbaby - April 14

Hi.. Just wondering if anyone has been or heard about this. I was depro something the contraceptive injection as i had regular but heavy painful periods for two years. I came off it and didnt have a period for almost a year. When it finally arrived it was torcher. I have been having problems since i was 15 with pains in my right side. But anyways i went to a gynae doc in july and she diagnosed me with pcos. Put me on metformin but didnt take it properly. For like two weeks only. In nov i found out i was preg, to my surprise because i thought i never could. Sadly though i miscarried at 20 weeks 6weeks ago. It was more like a still born Really. Just wondering as anyone else gone through this, goin for post mortem and all my test results on wednesday and very scared.


Ashleylashea - April 21

Ive been diagnosed with pcos back in 2010... I've been on metformin for 4-5 months now and I've been trying to conceive since last October. I used to take one pill a day but my doctor increased it to 2 pills a day back in February and I finally found out in pregnant LASIK the 10th. I'm about 5 weeks 1 day now and I have my guest appointment Thursday with a perinotologst . For now, I'm told to stay on my praying for a successful pregnancy.


Ashleylashea - April 21

I meant April the 10th lol


ttcbadlyva - June 4

I have been reading through all the threads and was glad that i came across this site. I have been on metformin since early 2011 but didnt not understand its great significance in ttc. I was told that i had PCOS in abt 2008 but the dr at the time really never told me much abt it or was really any help in possible tratments


ttcbadlyva - June 4

It was not until i started to go to my new general dr that i was put on the metformin. However bcz i still did not understand metformins help with PCOS i did not take it consistantly. After locating this site i have began taking it again. Wish me luck we r hoping that this will b the year for us.


ChanniB - June 4

well it been a while since i been on metformin still nothing i think its abou t time i go back to my doctors and see what going on i still haven't had many periods apart from on to occasions when i forgot to take my metformin and come on starting to worry so much now but when ever i go doctors they just say you cant get pregnant if you aren't having periods, well i think i know that i know how it works, they don't seem to help or anything and i starting to worry that i can even have them at all, well im still hoping for the best and maybe when it right one day i will become a MUM!!!


ttcbadlyva - June 6

Has anyone experienced the spotting between periods since starting metformin. Is that the norm? Not sure if i should be excited that it is possibly getting my body back in order or worried.


bbusby520 - June 18

I have been on Metformin since June 9th. I'm nervous excited and feeling highly impatient. I've been trying to become pregnant for six years now. I'm now twenty two and on my fourth year if marriage. The doctor said all my reproductive organs are fine it just hadn't been my time yet. the symptoms I've been experiencing are irritable bowels vomiting fatigue and just horrible mood swings, which I'm hoping will pass soon I wish all the other ladies here the best of luck


mssunnysunshine - June 18

Channi ask your doctor to give you Medroxyprogesterone to bring your period down. That's should work



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