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Nika - March 10

I have PCOS, infertility spec placed me on Metformin. With initial dose I had no side effects but when I increased to 1000mg I was very sick to my stomache..Begining on my first cycle after being on Metformin for one month at 1000mg I took Letrozol and responded well..after 5 days I then used an Hcg injection to trigger ovulation and was scheduled for an IUI ...I am now 20 weeks pregnant. Doc advised me to stay on Metformin for 12 weeks but I was not comfortable continuing the medication w/ my pregnancy and didn't.. I have had no problems and the baby is healthy!


Anna - March 15

I began taking Metformin strictly for PCOS in July of 2004, I started off with 500mg, had some nausea but it was not bad, ended up taking 1500mg daily. Periods stopped coming in dec. and now I am taking 2000mg, there have been no side effects though my periods have yet to come back. I have a question maybe someone can enlighten me, my doctor is VERY concerned that I NOT become Pregnant while on the Metformin, she is concerned with the effect the drug has on the fetus, has noone else heard of this before?


Mary - March 15

After a year of trying to conceive, I was diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed Metformin. I was instructed to gradually increase my dosage from 500mg to 1500mg over the course of three week. I experienced no ill effects whatsoever. During my next cycle, we conceived. At 4 weeks into the pregancy, My OB recommended I discontinue use (although recent studies suggest Metformin during pregnancy may reduce chance of miscarraige and gest. diabetes). I am now 6 months pregnant and everything is progressing very well. I consider this drug the sole reason for our success.


Joanna - March 20

Hi, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant again for about 3 years now. I have PCOS and the doctor from the hospital put me on Metformin but my GP has taken me off it, so now I don't know what I am going to do. I am also taking Folic Acid and drinking Raspberry Tea to try and help. We are desperate for another child.


vanessa - March 21

joanne, why did your doctor take you of it?


Priscilla - March 23

I took an ovulation test last month, it was positive- so we tried like rabbits. I do not ovulate on a regular basis- as in you cant figuire it like clock work. One doctor said that I do have it- The other said that I do not (PCOS). I have a child that is 5- and my husband and I are desperate for another. It was hard to hear that at 22 I may not have another child. Pregnancy tests later shows negative- so the doctor put me on Glucophage- 1000 a day- 1 Pill in the morning- 1 pill at night. Once Diagnosed with the PCOS I lost 33 lbs in about 3 months. I am starting the Glucophage today and I hope to have a succcess story soon. I am also taking Vitamin E and Folic Acid- Multi Vitamins put a lot of weight on me. My only option is the clomid because I cant afford the IVF. I am hoping to not go to that. What vitamins out there that can assist you in ovulating? It scares me that some help you ovulate but then say DISCONTINUE IF PREGNANCY OCCURS- like hello? What is it going to do to me? TOOOO Scary! When do you know if you have gone to far? I realized that there are two types of people in the world. One set that tries there who life to have a family- and one that does everything they can not to have a family, but the end up having a family. It is sad to see people with children who hurt them, or treat them badly. It hurts me to see some people who should not have children. I see people everyday that would give anything to hold a child in there arms. Then reality sets in. When is enough- enough? What amount is too much to pay to have that joy in your arms? How many treatments are you willing to take to hold your destiny? Are you putting a price on life? Maybe I have gone to deep, But this is what runs through my head when I try to sleep at night. Thank you for your input. Good luck to all in your journey for Pregnancy.


Rachael - April 1

my doctor recently put me on metformin to treat PCOS. my periods were very irregular and i was not ovulating. My cycles were between 32 and 50 days. after just on week on metformin i got my period at 35 days. (alot closer to normal than 50 days). i was started on 1000mg/day for two weeks and starting tomorrow i got to 1500 mg/day. Hopefully my next period will come at a normal 28-30 days. I too am hoping to get pregnant and have been trying for a successful pregnancy after 3 miscarriages and one that i lost at 6 months pregnant. My doctor is planning on adding clomid after three months of metformin if i am not yet pregnant. Wish me luck!!!! Hope this information helps, and good luck to all who are trying to conceive.!!!


micah - April 7

I am have been taking metformin for about 3 months now, and I feel great. The only side effect I had was irritable bowels for the first two weeks, but then it goes away. I have PCO, and my doctor started me on metformin for two months, and then we added chlomid. My follicles responded with the very first dose, so she gave me a shot of HCG to make me ovulate. So we will see in a couple of weeks, if I concieved. She also told me that once I get pregnant, I will continue to take the metformin, because it will help reduce my risk of miscarriage and gestational diabetes. So I say go for it!!!


nicole - April 11

what are all the benifits from prenatal yoga?


Shen - April 15

Hi, I have PCOS and have been ttc for 2 years. I have been on clomid for almost 8 cycles and still didn't conceive. I'm put on metformin 1000mg/day but side effects are strong on me. My heart seems to beat faster. Anyone feels the same?


Kristi - April 17

My husband and I were trying to conceive for 3 years and went to a reproductive endocrinologist after my OB told me that my eggs were too old based on the estradiol level in my blood. The reproductive endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS and started me on 500 mg of metformin per day. Two weeks later I was pregnant. He kept me on the metformin at 500 mg per day and I had a healthy baby boy 19 months ago. I went on the metformin again last July and am now pregnant with my second son - due in early May, 2005. I experienced no side effects. It was a wonder drug for us and I hope for you as well......


shakelia - April 21

hi i was wondering how long should you stay sick while taking metformin. i don't know if its the metformin or the spirolactone that is keeping me sick so I stop taking both. the birth control my doctor had me on made me gain at least 15 pounds so i stop taking them to i am thinking about just taking the metformin until i go back to the doctor to see if I still have side affects.


Jennifer Hoeft - April 22

I have been on metformin 3 months in combination with clomid. Still not pregnant! I get a lot of GI upset from the metformin, have lost weight due to the fact that I just don't want to eat. But, if I get pregnant will be all worth it! I am due to take a pregnancy test in 2 days, we will see what happens.
[email protected]


Jill - April 22

On Metfomin for PCOS have been trying to concieve for 31/2 years for baby #2 did the clomid and didn't work OB increased dose of metformin from 500mg to 2000mg and I am now 7 weeks pregnant. I am still taking the 2000mg because my son was born at 29 weeks and it is believed that it was because I stoped taking the metformin during pregnancy. My side affect to upping the dose would only last a few days.


Bobbi - May 2

hi there to answer your question as i have just started on these pills for diebeties and the only side effect that i have right now is alot of bowwol movement. but other then that nothing else. my doctor side it will make me sick to and he will increase on the pills to 2 times a day for 7 days then after that will be 3 times a day. so that means 1500mg a day after this week.


hayley - May 2

hello i have poc i have had it for 3 years now.i was taking matforim 500g for 4 months but i had really bad side affects,so i went bk to the hospital to see my doctor and he change my tablets to clomid and i have had no problems. but every one is different gud luck



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