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marianna - April 21

I am a diabetic with pcos who had been trying for 12 yrs with no luck,I was giving up hope as I am in my late 30's.I was referred to a fertility clinic but unable to lose enough weight for them to allow treatment.
I used to ovulate on average eevry 3-4 months I was started on metformin and I started to ovulate every 2-3 months but could not tolerate the side effects of gastric upset etc..and had to stop, this year jan 05 I re-started metformin slow release/glucophage xr instead and tolerated it very well, I became pregnant and am now 9 weeks pregnant, I am staying on metformin to help reduce the higher miscarriage rate pcos patients have.My diabetic clinic was very unhelpful, the doctor practically shouting at me because I wanted to stay on the metformin.
But the ob/gyn specialist care centre I was referred to were approachable
I am continuing on the metformin and will then supplement with insulin
I say listen to your body, I ate only organic food, and followed a strict low glycaemic diet
I took linseed/flaxseed oil supplements with an organic multi vitamin & minerals ,and extra folic acid
I took advice from toni weschler- 'taking charge of your fertility' book.
I stopped caffeine ie no coffee/choccys ,..stopped alchohol..
I bought hundreds of ovulation test strips
when you get to being desperate, you will try anything and everything
But you have to be positive and be strong and believe
I am now still not believing I am really pregnant, I did 16 pregnancy tests !!
I am very nervous something will go wrong,
we had a scan the other day and to see the little heartbeat was very emotional for me and my husband.
I say give everything a try- what do you have to lose
And best of luck to all you girls out there !


Nadine - April 26

I got pregnant after trying for a baby for 2 yrs with no help. I miscarried at 5 mnths 7mnths ago. I have been TTC with no sucess since. I have been diagnosed with pcos and haven't had a period since Jan. I have been advised to loose a bit of weight, go on a low carb diet and start takin metformin in 2 wks. How long does it take to get preg on met?
I'd love for someone to reply with some advice. Thanks


Janey - April 27

I just started my 3rd month of Metformin and ovulated for my very first time without B.C. pills. My doctor has told me that it can take up tp 6 months for the med to start working but I am now waiting to see of we are pregnant. I'll be thinking of you. Keep praying, God will here you!


Deanna Donaldson - April 28

I have PCOS and coming off of orthotricyclen I was taking 500mg. metaformin 3x a day and prenatal vitamins. I took my temp.every day and watched for spiks. My last pill induced period was Jan1,2005. On Jan 31,2005 I had a positive test!! I am now 16 weeks and my doctor has had me on the metaformin up untill now(to prevent misscariage) and now wants me to discontinue it. Hope this helps


Marsha - May 3

I have been taking clomid with no success of ovulation. I started with 50mg and on up to 150mg with no success. I am now trying 1000mg of metformin with 100mg of clomid. I started the metformin a week prior to my cycle and then in combination with the clomid for the first week of my cycle. I will have blood work to check for ovulation on 5/11. I am also using a clear blue easy plan ovulation monitor to predict ovulation. Neat device, great if you have no idea when you ovulate because you are irregular.


Nicole - May 8

I was diagnosed with insulin resistant PCOS and put on metformin six weeks ago to get pregnant.

I got AF immediatedly and was wondering if any one else on Metformin had false pregnancy symptoms. I still have three days to AF but for a week now I have had nothing but nausea, I crave toast and water only, disharge, painful and swelling breasts, my basal is up, headaches, and back pain. I'm trying not to get too psyched about pregnancy so let me know if any of these could be med side effects.


sommer - May 11

Hi ladies I wanted to know has anyone skip a menstrual cycle while taking metformin I started jan of this year and I was having my cycle every month until april I didn;t have a cycle.Ans me to has pcos and trying to get pregant


Drew - May 12

I was diagnosed pcos about a year and a half ago. I was then started on Metformin 500mg twice a day, but it did nothing. On the 5th I started my first cycle of Clomid and Metformin 500mg twice a day for one week, 500mg three times a day for one week, then up to 800mg twice a day for as long as needed. Has anyone been on a regimin close to this with positive results? Maybe after first round Clomid? Its good to see the gi effects of the Metformin don't last long... I dont know how much longer I can stick it out! Good luck to you all!


chasica arnold - May 13

i have two blocked tubes is there any way to conceive with out in vitro


angelsuszan - May 20

I started on Metformin/gluc. in Jan. of the year. By April I had lost 30 pounds and became pregnant. However the seventh week of pregnancy I miscarried. I am noticing that seem to be a trend. Is it the PCOS causing the miscarriages or is it the Metmorphine? I am also taking phentermine. From what I have read both are considered to be safe. But are they safe?


lemi - May 22

i've been on metformin for more than 2 yrs. my doc said i have a high chance to be diabetic coz i have pcos and my father and grandparents are diabetic.i was really over weight too.but thank God i ws able to reduce 19kgs. within a year.weight reduction is very essential to cure pcos.i've started ovulating and my cycles have bcome regular since 4-5mnths.i got pregnant in february but m\c when i ws 51\2 was an ectopic..but my tubes were saved coz of the methotrexate after 3mnths i had an hsg test and showed that i haven't any block in my tubes.the doc said i can try this time.i'm still on metformin. 850mg.,twice after food.i've got scanning on monday to find out if i'm ovulating..hope everything goes fine this time.All the best to u all !!


samantha - May 25

Hi Joanne, my husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years and after 2 rounds of IVF the doctors found that i had a high insulin levels. As i understand it the high insulin levels cause a toxin to the baby resulting in a miscarriage. The doctors have also put me on Metformin to make sure i have a healthy insulin level to reduce the rick of miscarriage. They seem to believe i should be pregnant within 3 months. I hope all goes well for you and good luck Regards Sam


Denise - May 25

I was diagnosed with PCOS and was started on 500mg of metformin and will start clomid after my next cycle. I have being trying to conceive my second child for 5 years with no success. It's good to know that I am not the only one with infertility and have someon who understands, other than my RE.


Katie - May 25

I was diagnosed with PCO back in April 2000, i did a lot of research into PCO because i was ALWAYS bleeding for months on end or spotting and PCO is more common to have irregular or no periods at all.... anyway the scan confirmed it, i as then put on mini pill to regulate bleeding, this didnt work, was then put on norithersterone and that didnt work, they tried tranexamic acid, nothing stopped the bleeding, then in march 2003 i had a mirena coil fitted, this stopped my bleeding for a whole year.. i then decided we would try for a baby so i had the coil removed in november 2004, and i started taking metformin 3 times a day in feburary this year. I found out this morning that i am 5.1/2 weeks pregnant!!!! So with me it was 4 years of mucking about with different drugs, but i was having unprotected sex for a year with my partner, but as soon as i took metformin i had 3 regular cycles, now i am expecting....i am not getting my hopes up though until i have gone 12 weeks and passed the safe period. I keep reading on here about miscarriage at 8 wks, so fingers crossed for me.... good luck to every one else trying to conceive xx


Drew - May 25

I did some research on the net about taking Metformin once you were pregnant (in all hopes that these meds are going to do it for me), and found out that continuing Metformin through the first trimester of pregnancy may help prevent m/c. They studied women on it for the first trimester and only 10% m/c'd as opposed to 73% who were not on it. These were women with pcos, and a history of m/c. Has anyone else found any information like this?


Katie - May 26

For Drew:
I read stuff like this too however when i told my doc i was pregnant she told me to stop taking it. She said as i conceived whilst taking the metformin the egg would be stronger than with a natural conception ie no drugs. she said the chance of m/c would be the same as anyone else.... still with all the info on the net who can u trust...but is it reliable. I live in the UK and all the research seems to be available in the USA but not here. i am reluctant to start taking it again incase something happens



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