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Joanne S. - March 21

I have been on Metformin since Feb. 2nd..My last period was on Jan. 25th, so I have not had a period since I started metformin..My periods have been regular until the end of Dec. when I thought I was pregnant. I wasn't. Then on the 11th of Jan. I went back to the doc and I had a cyst to rupture on my left ovary. So, they told me that I had PCOS and that is why I was NOT getting pregnant..They said that the Metformin would increase my chances of ovulating and getting pregnant. Metformin is all that I have been on so far. I go back to the doc on the 30th of this month for my 8 week checkup on being on Metformin..I am hoping and praying that because I have not had a period since Jan. 25th that I may actually be pregnant..I have not had any signs though. I have been very, very moody and extremely tired of the evenings..Let me know how your appt goes with your doc...Thanks..


Alison - March 30

We have been trying for a baby for the past year - started to take Metformin in Sept04, 2 a day with folic acid, have lost 15lb in 12wks and have had breaks inbetween my periods although they still go on longer than the average 5 days. Have been advised to increase to 1 tablet 3times per day after food, no side effects so here's hoping.. good luck


tianna - March 31

my last period was on february 8. my doctor has put me on clomid and metforrmin. however he says i am to start them as soon as my next period comes. it has not yet arrived. hope these drug will helpus. seems like they are the more common ones. oh do you actually wait for your period before starting aswell?


luna - March 31

tianna did your doc not tell you when to take your clomid.It's usually from days 2/6-3/7-4/8 or 5-9 or sometimes later it just depends. I took clomid and metformin in feb this yr it was my first course. I took my clomid on day 2/6. I also started on 1000mg of metformin then after 5 days I went up to 1500mg and I am now 6wks pg after trying for 2yrs. I hope all goes well for you. Goodluck. If your still not sure then you should contact you doc.


Kerri-Lynn - April 2

Hello Everyone,
I am taking Metformin for PCOS,trying to get pregnant...this is my 2nd week being on the medication..I am taking 850 mg twice a day so that would equal out to 1700mg a day....Just was wondering is there a good success rate in becoming pregnant with this medication at all? Also,who has had success with getting pregnant while on Metformin and how long did it take for you to become pregnant? I really appreciate your replies..thank-you :)


mlafrance504 - April 6

Kerri-Lynn, I was diagnosed with PCOS the beginning of Dec. '04. I started taking Metformin (1500mg a day) right away. Prior to this I took Clomid by itself for six months with no success at all. In addition to the Metformin, my RE also prescribed Femara instead of Clomid with the intention of trying IUI. My first cycle with the two drugs was a bust, I did get the HCG trigger shot but we had no luck on own own. For what should have been my second cycle on Femara I ended up spending the month on the pill because my cysts were huge and not going away like they are supposed to (drs had no explanation). This past cycle I started with Metformin and Femara, on day 10 I added Estrace (estradiol) since my estrogen levels are low. On day 12, I had one really good looking follicle and we went ahead with the trigger and IUI on day 13. On day 14 I added Prometrium (progesterone) to help support any possible pregnancy and keep my levels up. I couldn't stand the wait so I did my first HPT (First Response) on Monday (day 26, 13 dpo) and got a faint line. The line was slightly darker yesterday and again today. I was scheduled to talk to my RE today about my husband's test results and to plan our next steps and instead ended up going for my first of the betaHCG tests and so far so good. Now we have been extremely lucky in all of this (and I pray we will continue to be) and I happen to have a great doctor who got the medication mix right. I hope this helps and that you will be as successful as we apparently are.


mlafrance504 - April 6

Kerri-Lynn P.S. I forgot to add that I am continuing the Estrace, Prometrium, and Metformin to ensure that I stay pregnant.


flor de santiago - April 8

i started taking my medication the first week of october and had a cycle on oct. 8 and that was my last cycle.


Amy - April 11

Hi all. I have been on Metformin for PCOS since mid December '04. I started having regular, 30-35-day periods after I worked up to 1500 mg. a day, however, the doctor's office was convinced that I would have a hard time getting pregnant if I didn't get my cycles up to the average 28-day cycle (with additional drugs). Wrong! A 35-day cycle is fine as long as you understand when you ovulate and time intercourse accordingly. I am now a few weeks pregnant without the intervention my doctor was recommending. Additionally, my husband has a very low sperm count, yet we got pregnant naturally. I hope this encourages some of you. Some of the comments below make me wonder if your doctors are not explaining the phases of your cycle to you (as mind did not). I highly recommend "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. This book explains how to chart your temperature to determine when you ovulate, what cervical fluid does and should look like, and much more.


shellle - April 12

i have just started taking metformin on march 11. i have been trying to have a baby for a year now. good luck to all


Amy - April 13

I have been on metformin for 3 months now - my last 2 periods were almost on the same day 27 then 28 days. That's good considering they ran from 24 days to 38 days... I am considering adding clomid to the mix. We have only been trying for 3 months so I am not too worried yet. Also, a note to everyone - this PCOS thing runs in the family. Two of my cousins & me have been diagnosed and our 3 mom's are sisters - one of which waited till late twenties and it took a few years to get pregnant. So ask your relatives - I could answer a lot of questions. Don't wait to be test either - just pay the money. Don't spend years feeling like a failure. Love & Luck to all!


Jessica Cope - April 14

I was put on it over 1 year ago. Take it exactly as you are suppose to. Metformin along with Clomid has gotten me to ovulate for the 1st time in 3 years. It will clear the webbing that is taking place in your overies proventing you from releasing an egg.


Kerri-Lynn - April 14

I have been on Metformin since March 18th 2005,I REALLY hope it works for me,my fertility doctor seems to think it will...FINGERS CROSSED! I am on 850mg twice a day,went for my HSG DYE TEST today and my fallopian tubes are not blocked which is awsome..8 yrs ago i took Clomid and got pregnant with twins 3 months into the treatment:D now my twins will be 8yrs on May 31st :D..So i am preying that i have luck with this Metformin treatment.


Amoy - April 18

Hi my name is Amoy. My doctor put me on prometruim to regulate my period because i have amenorreha and cyste on my ovaries. Do you think i will ever have a baby? i'm trying 3 years now.


kehinde. o.tejuoso - April 19

you will wait to the contraction before you can be taking to the labour hall.
when you see the water coming out of you then you can visit the hospital


marianna - April 21

I am a diabetic with pcos who had been trying for 12 yrs with no luck,I was giving up hope as I am in my late 30's.I was referred to a fertility clinic but unable to lose enough weight for them to allow treatment.
I used to ovulate on average eevry 3-4 months I was started on metformin and I started to ovulate every 2-3 months but could not tolerate the side effects of gastric upset etc..and had to stop, this year jan 05 I re-started metformin slow release/glucophage xr instead and tolerated it very well, I became pregnant and am now 9 weeks pregnant, I am staying on metformin to help reduce the higher miscarriage rate pcos patients have.My diabetic clinic was very unhelpful, the doctor practically shouting at me because I wanted to stay on the metformin.
But the ob/gyn specialist care centre I was referred to were approachable
I am continuing on the metformin and will then supplement with insulin
I say listen to your body, I ate only organic food, and followed a strict low glycaemic diet
I took linseed/flaxseed oil supplements with an organic multi vitamin & minerals ,and extra folic acid
I took advice from toni weschler- 'taking charge of your fertility' book.
I stopped caffeine ie no coffee/choccys ,..stopped alchohol..
I bought hundreds of ovulation test strips
when you get to being desperate, you will try anything and everything
But you have to be positive and be strong and believe
I am now still not believing I am really pregnant, I did 16 pregnancy tests !!
I am very nervous something will go wrong,
we had a scan the other day and to see the little heartbeat was very emotional for me and my husband.
I say give everything a try- what do you have to lose
And best of luck to all you girls out there !



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